Upcoming Levels Of Walkabout Mini Golf VR Leaked

Walkabout Mini Golf VR strives to replicate the perks of traditional real-life golfing but in a more accessible and virtual package. The game, one of the star-studded additions to the oculus quest VR line-up, proved to be a hit amongst players worldwide.

The onslaught of content via expansion packs has also kept not only concurrent players engaged but has prompted new people to join the community.

The Defining Characteristics Of The Game

Not only did the game offer a holistic and immersive experience on the utilization of VR technology, but it also set itself apart as being one of the most accessible and easy-to-grasp games. Colorful gameplay, an array of various landscapes, and true-to-life physics helped make this one of the stand-out titles for VR.

walkabout mini golf vr gameplay example
Walkabout Mini Golf VR Gameplay

Talking Points Of The Read

  • Walkabout Mini Golf VR’s defining features helped create a strong market share in VR game collections.
  • A leak has revealed the in-progress levels that are to be released in the near future
  • The addition of these levels opens up a plethora of possibilities for future DLCs

In-Progress Levels Leaked

It appears that a leak, spotted by TopTierList thanks in large to Reddit user PkmnJaguar, has managed to unravel an array of different levels bound to make their way into the game.

The leak details the names, along with the footage, of an upcoming expansion pack. This DLC of sorts is designed to emulate the feeling of being a part of Jules Verne’s famous books and adventures. The leaked levels look to simulate a rather diverse environment in which players will be able to let their creative freedom run free.

A More In-Depth View Of The Leak

In order to avoid the post being taken down, the user posted additional information in the comments. The youtube link attached pulls the covers off of most of the new levels that are in-store waiting to be released for the public’s eyes. The video provides a comprehensive rundown of the atmosphere that is created along with the comprehensive yet unique challenges that each level has to offer in its own right.

General Reception About The Leaks

Walkabout Mini Golf VR has been a favorite amongst VR titles. Receiving impressive reviews across the board upon its launch, the game has since evolved, striving to offer a unique experience catering to a large crowd. The latest leaked levels sure call for large bouts of excitement! It also opens up the horizon to various other possibilities regarding future expansions.

Final Remarks

Having seen the sheer capabilities that the game has expressed in regards to essentially creating multiple virtual worlds for players to pick and choose from, which particular space would you like to be included in Walkabout Mini Golf VR? Is the decision to follow the approach of Jules Verne smart or would another direction have favored the growth of the game? Let us know down below.

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