Latest PV Reveals Whole world view of Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

Most of you probably know about Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, but in case you don’t. This is a new anime-style RPG title that is soon to release on android and ios in the coming days. It shares many features with games like Honkai Impact and other sci-fi shooter games.

In Goddess of Victory, your job is to command an entire arsenal of weapons in the form of anime girls. They all have different roles and positions that you have to fit strategically in your game plan. It sounds very interesting but let us enlighten you on what else it offers.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke

Goddess of Victory has been quite popular among the otaku communities because of its reviews from some beta testers. Additionally, Level Infinite has not held back in marketing this game at all. At the Tokyo Game Show 2022, they have a stall dedicated to this game with a bunch of rewards for all those who pre-register live on the event.

If you are in Tokyo and can catch this exhibition tomorrow, go for it. However, if you are not anywhere near Japan, Pre-registration for the game is also available on the game’s official website. Let’s take a deeper look into what we know from the PV.

Key Takeaways

  • Details on the new Action RPG Title, Goddess of Victory.
  • New images that reveal the art style of the game.
  • Additional features like gameplay are also seen.
  • More information on the current game characters.

Gameplay and Aesthetic

Level Infitntie quickly grew the hype over Goddess of Victory when they revealed special rewards for beta testers. However, it just added more coal to its fire of popularity minutes ago. In a Japanese live stream, Famitsu x Dengeki Autumn Game Sports Festival 2022, developers just revealed a PV that looks amazing.

Here they showed a special PV highlighting some of the game’s key features. The exhibition is quite long, but that just means more information. Now a word of caution for players, this will possibly spoil some features of a game some players may not want to see. So, Spoiler Alert if you are one of those people.


Some of the characters were already disclosed when pre-registers were opened. However, their details were insufficient to paint a good image of how they would look in-game. This mystery is now solved as we witness some images that reveal what these characters look like in the game.

GoV Nikke Character
Character 1
GoV Characters
Character 2

It does seem like this game will be very lore dependent on most of the artwork. Considering how this is only a PV, I think it is safe to say that we can expect a lot of great art from this game.


Consequently, if you are not that much into art, let’s discuss something else. This section will briefly discuss what the PV showed the gameplay would be like. Remember that this is the PV so that the actual game will differ slightly from it. But still, it is sufficient for us to get a general idea of what it will be like.

The gameplay image can be found here, but this does come with a little bit of an NSFW warning, so click on your own risk.


Lastly, let’s discuss what the game UI will be like. Goddess of Victory is an anime game, so it has to show at least one of its characters on the home page. Additionally, it is a mobile game, making it even more difficult to pull off a clean UI.

GoV Nikke Upgrade Screen
Game UI

Fortunately, the UI in Goddess of Victory looks relatively well designed for a game still in development. The only downside of this game is that it seems to be a portrait orientation rather than a landscape. However, I am hopeful that the devs will ensure that portrait does not disappoint mobile gamers.

Please let us know how you find this game in the comments section below; we think it is a good game that needs to change a few things before its release.

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