Leak Reveals Key Visuals of “Shy”- An Anime by 8 Studio

The ever-increasing readership of manga around the globe is not only limited to teens and children, but even adults take pleasure in reading these graphic novels. SHY, a superhero-based manga illustrated by Miki Bukimi, started being serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion in 2019 and is a collection of 15 volumes now.

Though SHY was initially a small niche manga, its potential to be an anime adaptation was proved true when Yen Press licensed an English publication for the series at an Anime Expo. A tweet from Yen Press’s official Twitter account further confirmed the series’ English release.

8-bit animation studio

The eight-bit studio never fails to surprise its fans regarding animated adaptations. Many animated productions have been released since the studio’s inception and have only gained success with time.

Founded in September 2008, this Japanese-based animation studio is well known for its extraordinary work in television series, films, and original video animations. Some other business content that 8-bit studio deals in is character design, graphic design, and product development for character goods.

Main points

  • TV Anime Shy’s production will take place under Masaomi Ando’s supervision at the 8-bit studio.
  • From relatively small niche manga, Shy fans are happy to have the people of the west on board with them.
  • It appears that anime fans will have the first look at the anime adaptation for Shy in 2023

Teenage Shy Superhero

Shy follows the story of superheroes possessing superpowers, who appear from around the globe when the world is on the brink of world war 3 to restore peace. Teru “Shy” Momijiyama is one of the superheroes and a representative of Japan, but she is very shy.

She believes in the greater good and wants to use her abilities to protect her people from evil at all costs. A horrific event in an amusement park in Japan forced her to shut herself from the outside world. She regains her powers after a pep talk from “Spirits”, a colleague cum friend They all must collaborate to save the world from the hanging threat of Stigma.

Key visuals and release date

We at TopTierList spotted a tweet by user @oecuf0, who leaked the visuals for the supposedly upcoming anime adaptation, SHY. No further details have been revealed, but a Twitter account suggests that the TV Anime is scheduled to be broadcast in Japan in 2023. The manga community seems quite excited about this big news and cannot wait to see the works of 8 bit on their big screens.


Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the entertainment news that we brought for you. Do let us know if you are excited or not about the key visuals of SHY.

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