Cartoon Network Tier List [2023]

This Cartoon Network tier list consists of a ranking of the best and worst Cartoon Network's Shows.

Today I am writing an article on the Cartoon Network tier list, which will take us back to the golden school days when we enjoyed our favorite shows without care. I remember watching the network before leaving for school, and I still want most of the programs on the channel whenever I can. But I also don’t have to tell you that most adults don’t have the luxury of spending their mornings watching cartoons.

So we’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the best shows on the network, and there are a lot of plays for us to rank here. So we will take our time and write about them without falling prey to nostalgia, though honestly, that will be almost impossible.

Key Points

  • In this list, we have ranked shows that aired on Cartoon Network according to my personal preferences and the popularity of each show.
  • We have included both older and newer cartoons for 36 shows.
  • In the highest ranks, we have shows Ed, Edd n Eddy, Courage The Cowardly Dog, and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
  • You will find shows like Sealab 2021, Unikitty!, and Class of 3000 in the lowest ranks.


Here we will rank all shows on the channel in a table.

S+ RankS RankA+ RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Ed, Edd n EddyTeen TitansThe Addams FamilyJackie Chan Adventures6teenSym-Bionic TitanClass of 3000
Courage The Cowardly DogBen 10We Bare BearsGenerator RexI Am WeaselSquirrel BoyUnikitty!
The Grim Adventures of Billy and MandyJohnny BravoTotal Drama IslandBatman: The Brave and the BoldThe New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo ShowSealab 2021
Scooby-DooThe Powerpuff GirlsYoung JusticeSonic BoomThe Secret Saturdays
Foster’s Home for Imaginary FriendsThe Amazing World of GumballThe Yogi Bear ShowTime Squad
Codename: Kids Next DoorSamurai Jack
Tom and JerryChowder
Dexter’s LaboratoryJohnny Test
Cow And Chicken

You can learn about each entry in detail below.

S+ Tier

Outstanding cartoons of cartoon network
S+ Tier.

The S+ tier comprises the most iconic shows on the network, and most of them are the classics that broke all records and are, to date, the most liked ones.

Ed, Edd, And Eddy

Here comes one of my all-time favorites. It is not my personal opinion to keep it on top of my ultimate tier list. The show itself made a special place for a very long time in the viewers’ hearts. The main storyline revolves around three less famous friends in the neighborhood and their efforts to make themselves popular with the rest of the kids and attract their attention by doing stupid things which make you laugh throughout the watch.

These three mischievous friends with rhyming names make us laugh and smile throughout the episodes with their efforts to impress the neighborhood and get themselves in trouble. It will not be wrong to say that the show carries itself with a great deal of artistic randomness and effortlessly gathers the viewer’s interest. It also signifies the strong friendship bond between the three friends who get in trouble together but still are strong bonding together.

First Aired
January 4, 1999
Number of seasons

Courage The Cowardly Dog

Named after a pet dog who lived with her owner Muriel and his mean husband Eustace as a family in Nowhere. Courage is a pink dog who is always seen nervous about situations happening in Nowhere.

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Courage always protects his owner despite being terrified of the situations happening out of his love for her. His owners were not aware of the fact that their pet dog whom they thought was very cowardly, used to save them from all the disastrous situations. The show also gives quite an important and mature message of love and protection for your family and putting your loved ones first in every situation. Also, the show kept the viewers hooked with its animations and mysterious storyline.

First Aired November 12, 1999
Number of seasons

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Here comes a very famous show created by Maxwell Atoms and embraced mindless pleasure for six seasons of unrepentant bliss. It still serves as the ideal hangover remedy and the powerful trio bond is an almost pleasure to watch. The show centers on two young humans who persuade the all-powerful Grim Reaper to become their lifelong best buddy.

However, it is not a conventional cartoon show in which billy and mandy do some extraordinary adventures with their lifelong friend from the other world, Grim. Even while the show has some sad moments, it never goes too far that youngsters can’t enjoy themselves. The trio’s interaction is intriguing and disinterested in conventional constraints on the characters’ likeability or reliability.

First Aired
August 24, 2001
Number of seasons


A very old yet classic cartoon series of Cartoon Network which still has a place in the hearts of its old viewers. Very few cartoons leave prints on your heart and mind, and Scooby-Doo is one of them. The concept of a classical mystery detective show gained so much interest from the viewers that, one after another, its series of animation movies and books were released, and all gave so much business to the producers.

The main plot is about four friends who run a detective company and solve cases wherever they go. Most of their cases are related to spooky things, which later on turn out to be plots for scaring people away. The X factor of the series is Shaggy and his dog Scooby-Doo who are always the main stars of any episode.

First Aired 1969
Number of seasons

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

This show is created by Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust and is all about the imaginary friend of Mac, a school-going boy of eight years. Mac had to give away his imaginary friend Bloo to Foster’s home as per his mother’s wish but couldn’t resist meeting him daily after school.

At Foster’s home, he used to meet and see many other imaginary characters daily, a unique concept that caught the viewers’ attention. So “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” is most liked by most of the audience and has captured Cartoon Network’s viewers’ attention. Also, the show’s visuals, contrast, creativity, and cinematic quality do not capture viewers’ attention. In short, it is an easy-going series based on illusions and imagination with no true storyline and was appreciated by the viewers.

First Aired August 13, 2004
Number of seasons

Codename: Kids Next Door

The main concept of the Kids Next Door show is quite different, according to which some kids who live in the neighborhood are part of a global underground organization to fight evil forces against kids. The show was a complete roller coaster ride, with something new happening in each episode.

According to the plot, five kids living next door fight crime together secretly. They have their code names and unique fighting styles, making them different. Each character also had its fan base, which kept the audience hooked on the show. It also managed to garner the attention of kids and even adults who were fond of it due to its creative plotline.

First Aired
December 6, 2002
Number of seasons

Tom and Jerry

Tom And Jerry is a classic compilation about a pet named Tom and a mouse named Jerry. It includes all the mischief that happens in the struggle of Tom trying to catch Jerry. On the other hand, Jerry is smart, always manages to get out of trouble, and always comes up with new ideas to tease Tom.

Also, the mischief and teasing between the two gathered viewers’ attention to such an extent that, to date, the classic shows are enjoyed, and people like to watch them repeatedly.

First Aired 1940
Number of seasons

Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter is a young boy with an outstandingly genius mind. He is so ahead of his age that he possesses a secret laboratory with all his new and advanced inventions. T However, it is not about how genius he is nor about his eye-opening creations. It is all about how his elder sister Dee Dee destroys his lab and exposes him to danger.

Also, Dexter had to compete with a scientist named Mandark, a young boy who liked his sister Dee Dee. Mandark always wants to impress Dee Dee with his inventions. On the other hand, Dee Dee often visits Dexter’s laboratory and destroys his new inventions, whether robots or clone-making machines.

First Aired
February 26, 1995
Number of seasons

Cow And Chicken

Another Hanna-Barbera production, created by David Feiss, is “Cow and Chicken,” which became somewhat of a cult favorite from 1997 to 1999, helping to pave the way for Cartoon Network’s original programming.

The show revolves around the humor of cows and chickens being biological siblings to their human parents. Also, it was just a fun cartoon that the viewers enjoyed due to its humor and sarcasm. However, the story plot sometimes highlighted issues like childhood anxiety and trauma in a comic manner. Despite its frequent silliness, “Cow and Chicken” was well-liked by viewers and critics, and it even received two Primetime Emmy nominations.

First Aired July 15, 1997
Number of seasons

S Tier

Best characters of S tier
S Tier.

The S rank of my Cartoon Network tier list contains cartoons that were absolute classics and are still loved by the fans.

Teen Titans

Teen Titans is a group of young adolescent superheroes commanded by Batman’s Robin. The Teen Titans’ other squad members include Raven, Cyborg, Star Fire, and Beast Boy. They live in the Titan Structure, a massive T-shaped tower and these heroes have no secret identities or schools since they are simply superheroes. Also, they fight evil together with all their unique powers. Slade is the most terrible villain of the show, and Ron Perlman does an excellent job as Slade’s voice. In the viewer’s opinion, this superhero team is extremely cool, and Robin is perhaps the most liked character.

First Aired
July 19, 2003
Number of seasons

Ben 10

If you grew up in the early 2000s, you undoubtedly will be familiar with the famous “Ben 10”. Not only children but even adults also enjoy the show, and many children’s stationery and toys are made from the aliens Ben can transform to even a duplicate of his watch is available in the market and is most liked by the children. The show revolves around the story of Ben Tennyson, a 10-year-old child, his cousin Gwen, and his grandfather. Ben discovers a wristwatch with alien technology. Ben utilizes his ability to shift into various extraterrestrial species to protect his family from villains threatening their survival.

While numerous Cartoon Network shows have featured young male leads, “Ben 10” seemed to take special care in depicting a young boy’s image and molding his desires, anxieties, dreams, and yearning for adventure. The way story of Ben developed throughout the series is very refreshing. Also, the unique and rare animation of the show made viewers relate to the series’ characters. Also, the variety of aliens Ben could transform himself into was something different and interesting for the viewers and gained much popularity quickly.

First Aired December 27, 2005
Number of seasons

Johnny Bravo

While “Johnny Bravo” was one of the first Hanna-Barbera network efforts to succeed, the series hasn’t aged well. Johnny Bravo, the show’s main character, is a flirty guy who describes himself as an egomaniac with women’s issues. Despite his mysterious nature, he is still always surrounded by girls. However, the show has no proper story plot as it revolves around Bravo, who is obsessed with his looks and only tries to catch on to girls and flirt with them. Still, it has managed to be popular enough to make it to the S tier.

The animations of the show are pretty vibrant and colorful. Also, the character is made with good artistic thinking, so he has gathered viewers’ interest after all these years.

First Aired
July 14, 1997
Number of seasons

The Powerpuff Girls

”Sugar spice and everything nice”. You must be familiar with these words, especially if you are a 90s kid. McCracken broke all records with the glorious Powerpuff girls. However, it broke all records of being fabulous and much more than just a cartoon show as it presented little girls portrayed as powerful life-saving superheroes.

The main idea of the show revolves around the accidental creation of the Powerpuff girls by the Professor, a scientist. Three girls named Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were born by mixing sugar spice and everything nice, but chemical X was accidentally added. So these three girls have superpowers, which help them save the world from the evil actions of the show’s main villains.

First Aired November 18, 1998
Number of seasons

The Amazing World of Gumball

In 2011 a creative experiment came to our television screen called “The Amazing World of Gumball,” which was much appreciated for its creative concept and amazing artistic 2D animations. As a result, the cartoon show stood out amongst the other fabulous and classic cartoons that showed running on the channel and kept the viewers hooked on its diverse concept, animation puppetry, and action.

The show’s storyline revolves around a blue cat named Gumball Watterson and a goldfish who is her adopted brother and their experiences in the amazing world of middle school. Also, it touched on some mature areas of our life lightly and carefully, which made it quite different and stand out from the regular cartoon shows.

First Aired May 3, 2011
Number of seasons

Samurai Jack

From 2001–2017 the creative Genndy Tartakovsky developed this brilliant cartoon series called “Samurai Jack.” It is often regarded as the best cartoon by most viewers. Also, it gained interest from viewers because it came up with a slightly different concept. Apart from superheroes saving the world from evil, it gave a diverse story of a samurai prince and his missions for the world’s benefit.

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An exceptionally creative animation, deep melodrama, and full-of-action show not only gained the interest of not only kids but always had a brazenly mature air about it and caught the eye of mature viewers. Jack had a mission to save his kingdom from a monster named Aku. All his show’s action, animation design, and lighthearted plots distinguish him from other shows.

First Aired
August 10, 2001
Number of seasons


A fantastic show hit our screens in 2007 named Chowder and did some amazing business. Despite some mixed reviews from the viewers, Chowder took place in the S tier. The show is all about a boy named Chowder and his everyday adventures. However, the show is much beloved by viewers for its graphics and silly gags which the young cook gets into due to his forgetful nature.

Despite getting in trouble due to his hunger and absent-mindedness, Chowder is focused on becoming a successful chef. However, silly humor and correct interpretation of situations made this show a much-loved one by the audience and also a recipient of an Emmy Award.

First Aired November 2, 2007
Number of seasons

Johnny Test

An amazing cartoon show hit our favorite channel Cartoon Network in 2008, where the story revolves around an eleven-year-old brother of two genius scientist twin sisters and their talking dog named Dukey. As the name indicates, his sisters use Jhonny to test their inventions and do many experiments on him, which causes great problems.

The main story revolves around the new experiments these sisters do, and the chaotic situations that arise from them also, the commentary of their talking dog is another enjoyable factor of the show and made its place in the viewer’s heart.

First Aired
September 17, 2005
Number of seasons

A+ Tier

Good cartoons of cartoon network
A+ Tier.

The A category consists of those cartoons that are also pretty great but perhaps aren’t as iconic as some of us might have thought them to be.

The Addams Family

An old but classic cartoon show with dark spooky humor revolves around a strange man who claims to be Fester bus is recognized by the Adams family with the help of their lawyer as he does not know anything about Fester’s life. However, it is a very slow-themed story that, despite some very good and enjoyable moments, couldn’t impress the users much regarding screenplay. It still has managed to take place in the A+ tier of my ultimate Cartoon Network tier list because most of the audience liked its dark humor and stayed on the screen for much longer.

First Aired September 23, 1972
Number of seasons

We Bare Bears

It is a cartoon series mainly focusing on three bear brothers named Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bea and their life and interaction with the human world. The show aired on Cartoon Network in 2020 and gained the interest of many viewers by its interesting concept of three bears trying to live like humans, like buying food for themselves, shopping together, and living a civilized life. Also, their animal instinct is not supporting them to live a civilized life, which is what the whole story plot is about.

First Aired
July 27, 2015
Number of seasons

Total Drama Island

Around the time that reality television began to dominate the airways, this cartoon spoof of the genre thrilled those familiar with its tropes. “Total Drama Island” was a strong hit for the network, even though Cartoon Network Studios didn’t produce it. The show was first broadcast in Canada in 2007, although it didn’t premiere on CN until 2008. However, most viewers hadn’t seen the first season because social media was still in its infancy.

“Drama’s” high-stakes, weekly episode format quickly distinguished the show. Between the interpersonal turmoil, the eliminations, and the ludicrous challenges, the show knew how to keep viewers interested. You can still share the “Drama” more than a decade later with your mama.

First Aired
July 8, 2007
Number of seasons

Young Justice

It is a show which is much similar to Teen Titans as the central concept is always the same, but it stands out for kids. The show portrays youngsters as superheroes within the DC universe and depicts pure drama, action, and teamwork. The cartoon appealed to both adults and children in terms of its themes, plotlines, characters, and the relationship between the Justice League and the Young Justice.

Also, it is a phenomenal show in terms of characters added one after the other. However, the theme and animation are very attractive to watch. However, the fight time is sometimes annoying, but still, the show has managed to make a name for itself.

First Aired
November 26, 2010
Number of seasons

The Yogi Bear Show

A Hanna Barbera absolute comedy to enjoy in terms of animation, color scheme, and music. Alongside the show’s writing are an absolute pleasure and the cute sweet image of the Yogi bear and his love Cindy.

There are plenty of adventures and misadventures to make the program entertaining and enough jokes and humor to keep you chuckling. Yogi Bear demonstrates his superior intelligence by outwitting people left and right. I’ve always liked Ranger Smith, who masterfully strives to keep order in the park while being driven insane by Yogi Bear.

First Aired 1992 
Number of seasons

A Tier

Good cartoons
A Tier.

Here comes the A rank of our tier list, and it contains shows that were good enough to attract massive audiences.

Jackie Chan Adventures

The storyline revolves around a fictional Jackie Chan, who has to fight a criminal organization with his Chinese Martial Arts techniques. This show also features martial arts action against magical spirits and spells. The concept mainly attracted the audience with its amazing graphics and 2D animations.

Also, the script caught the attention of many viewers. Still, its long fighting sequence is a bit too much for some viewers.

First Aired September 8, 2001
Number of seasons

Generator Rex

In a science fiction show where in the future where robots have infected people, a young man who can control the robots aids a government organization in controlling the technology’s vile products. The storyline is about Rex going into the future, where everything he observes changes as he had vanished for six months. Black Knight is a woman who tries to manipulate Rex and take advantage of the situation. She wanted to use Rex’s abilities to carry out a project that had been funded to make her powerful.

First Aired
April 23, 2010
Number of seasons

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

The American Cartoon Network broadcast the series on November 14, 2008, and it ran until November 18, 2011, when it concluded. At the end of the day, it’s the Batman series so it cannot be a flop. Batman continues to save the planet against villains with his ultimate Badman car and gadgets. He is the all-time favorite of most of us. Overall it is a good series with action-filled jam-packed episodes grabbing the attention of viewers.

Although some viewers got it to be a little too serious, you will love it if you are a badman fan.

First Aired November 14, 2008
Number of seasons

Sonic Boom

Released in 2014 on Cartoon Network, Sonic Boom was a show much awaited by the Sonic fandom. Even though the animations and graphics were perhaps not of the highest budget, the show won over fans with incredibly sharp writing and jokes that could elicit laughs from kids and adults.

But unfortunately, it never really found mainstream appeal and was canceled after two seasons.

First Aired
November 8, 2014
Number of seasons

Time Squad

A show which depicts a very different concept and comes with a vision of a peaceful planet. All the characters have time-traveled to correct history’s mistakes for a secure and relaxed tomorrow.

The main cast consists of a robot, a displaced child, and a time cop, and it follows their adventures in different time periods as they interact with and cause trouble for various other historical figures.

First Aired
June 8, 2001
Number of seasons

B Tier

average cartoons
B Tier.

Here we have the average rank of the tier list, and all the shows placed under here can best be described with a spirited ‘meh.’


It is a Canadian comedy animated show aired on Cartoon Network in 2008. The show mainly referred to a mature audience or simply to the teenagers and the issues they faced. This comedy show includes six teenage friends and their experiences on entering the so-called adult life. They enjoy their newly attained freedom and experience the new so-called responsibilities as they start facing society. The show carries itself well but has to struggle to maintain the comedy factor alive. Also, it did not gain as much attention from the audience as it should but still is not a bad watch.

First Aired
November 7, 2004
Number of seasons

I Am Weasel

Another cartoon series was created by David Feiss and produced by Hanna Barbera for Cartoon Network. The main characters are weasel and baboon, amongst which the weasel is the most intelligent one and saves people in danger. At the same time, the baboon is the stupid one but eventually becomes the weasel’s friend. Also, the ”I am Weasel” cartoon series did not impress the viewers much regarding its storyline.

First Aired 1997
Number of seasons

The New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show

Eventually, the officials at Hanna Barbera realized that the viewers had had enough of Scooby Doo. However, the show’s biggest supporter, ABC had backed off from it even before the release of the show, so they came up with another idea of introducing his nephew to the show by the name of Scrappy Doo. It was a pleasant addition to the Scooby Doo family but still couldn’t do very well on screen because the role of the main character was cut off, and the only mains you could see on screen were Scooby, Shaggy, and Scrappy. So I guess it was difficult for people to relate to it a lot.

First Aired
September 10, 1983
Number of seasons

The Secret Saturdays

Being an interesting cartoon series that hit our screens in 2008 The Secret Saturdays is all about a family hiding the secret of cryptids to protect both the human world and the creatures themselves. This cryptozoologist family includes a husband, wife, and an eleven-year-old son who go out on Saturdays and search for cryptids and protect them. They work for a secret global organization that works to safeguard scientific facts too dangerous to be disclosed. The main story plot revolves around these scientists and the hurdles they face in keeping the secret of cryptids and protecting the Earth and nature.

The show received mixed reviews where it became the favorite show of one group; on the other hand, it was not liked by many others.

First Aired October 3, 2008
Number of seasons

C Tier

bad cartoons of cartoon network
C Tier.

The C rank of the ultimate Cartoon Network tier list is the section where we will include some of the more obscure shows. We still vaguely remember them, but not because they were particularly great.

Sym-Bionic Titan

One of the underappreciated cartoon shows on the channel includes “Sym-bionic Titan.” Most of you may be unfamiliar with this cartoon show as it failed to catch the interest of most viewers. The storyline revolves around two alien robots who are exceptionally intelligent and land on the planet Earth. To save themselves from their enemies, these robots have to fight together against the foes. They can fuse and make a giant robot out of themselves thus, and the series includes ultimate robotic fights and drama.

Aside from the plot, the show had a brilliant side in terms of comedy, animation, and writing. Despite all that, it did not do much magic on screen and was probably a very short-lived cartoon show.

First Aired
17 Sept 2010
Number of seasons

Squirrel Boy

Here is another show that hit our screens in 2006, and the story revolves around a boy named Andy Johnson and his squirrel named Rodney. Other characters in the show include a boy of his age in the neighborhood who bullies them and his parrot. The story revolves around as to save Andy and his squirrel from the mischief of his neighbors. The show did not depict anything unique or unusual and also did not impress the viewers with the story or graphics.

First Aired September 27, 2007
Number of seasons

D Tier

Bad cartoons
D Tier.

The last group on our list consists of some of the most unremarkable shows on the network. They are soulless, and no one remembers them with any sort of excitement.

Class of 3000

This cartoon show is about a guy named Sunny who was quite successful in his music game and ditched his career as he became sick of the fame game. To satisfy his pleasure in music, he traveled back to his hometown, where he met a class of young aged people in a sort of music band.

The story is about Sunny guiding his class and their experiences together to succeed, but the cartoon fails to impress the viewers and draw much attention.

First Aired November 3, 2006
Number of seasons


The main character of the show is a cat unicorn hybrid, and her fellows are a scientist, a bodyguard, and a lego brick also another cute and different character was introduced as puppy corn. Unikitty show is all about positive vibes and the creative adventures of a group of these hybrid kitties throughout the day. Although it was a good start to the show, it still became a bit dumb through the course. Also, many of the viewers found it to be quite noisy and loud.

First Aired October 27, 2017
Number of seasons

Sealab 2021

Here comes a show which depicts an aquatic colony that generally seems not to like each other. However, it is an adult show, and children should be kept away from watching it as it has dirty jokes and comments about body shaming, violence, and drugs. The humor in the show crosses the limits of most viewers. Especially jokes about sensitive issues in society exploited many in the audience.

First Aired September 2, 2001
Number of seasons

Comparison Table

ShowTierFirst AiredNumber of seasons
Ed, Edd, And EddyS+January 4, 19996
Courage The Cowardly DogS+November 12, 19994
The Grim Adventures of Billy and MandyS+August 24, 20016
Foster's Home for Imaginary FriendsS+August 13, 20046
Codename: Kids Next DoorS+December 6, 20026
Tom and JerryS+19405
Dexter's LaboratoryS+February 26, 19954
Cow And ChickenS+July 15, 19974
Teen TitansSJuly 19, 20035
Ben 10SDecember 27, 20054
Johnny BravoSJuly 14, 19974
The Powerpuff GirlsSNovember 18, 19986
The Amazing World of GumballSMay 3, 20116
Samurai JackSAugust 10, 20015
ChowderSNovember 2, 20073
Johnny TestSSeptember 17, 20056
The Addams FamilyA+September 23, 19722
We Bare BearsA+July 27, 20154
Total Drama IslandA+July 8, 20075
Young JusticeA+November 26, 20104
The Yogi Bear ShowA+1992 2
Jackie Chan AdventuresASeptember 8, 20013
Generator RexAApril 23, 20103
Batman: The Brave and the BoldANovember 14, 20083
Sonic BoomANovember 8, 20142
Time SquadAJune 8, 20012
6teenBNovember 7, 20044
I Am WeaselB19975
The New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo ShowBSeptember 10, 19832
The Secret SaturdaysBOctober 3, 20083
Sym-Bionic TitanC17 Sept 20101
Squirrel BoyCSeptember 27, 20073
Class of 3000DNovember 3, 20063
Unikitty!DOctober 27, 20173
Sealab 2021DSeptember 2, 20014


My tier list gives our readers a complete ranking of the most popular shows ever aired on the network. However, the list is based on my own research and personal experiences with the shows on the web, as we all undoubtedly do. The shows I liked might not have necessarily clicked with you, or we may be from completely different age groups, and the cartoons airing during your childhood might not have been during mine.

And like all ranking lists like these, it is not perfect, and many readers will probably disagree with my placements, and that’s okay. We’re more than willing to hear you out in the comments section below. We are nothing if not open to suggestions from our readers.