Dr. Stone To Get A Stage Play In July

The year is 2019 AD, and the world witnesses a sudden flash that somehow petrified the entire human civilization. For over 3700 years, the human race has been petrified in stone, but one day a young 15-year-old boy named Senku Ishigami manages to revive himself. Senku must now save his friends and create the entire human civilization from the start. Will he be able to uncover the mystery and bring out the stone-eroded history?

Dr. Stone by Inagaki Riichiro & Boichi, has been making the rounds in the anime community, but after the manga recently ended, it has achieved an even bigger milestone and sold 13 million copies. As such, we can expect different projects from the creators or spin-offs.

While there hasn’t been any confirmed spin-off, there is a leak out that Dr. Stone is going to get a stage play, which we will see in July 2022. This stage play might be very similar to the SPY X FAMILY Stage Play that was announced a week ago. This leak was posted by Manga Mogura RE on Twitter.

Dr stone play july
The tweet by Manga Mogura RE on Twitter.

Now, Manga Mogura RE has made countless leaks such as this, which were confirmed later on. So, it is also very likely that we might expect news regarding this anytime soon. Like many other announcements, there should be a Twitter account made already that will post regarding this matter, and This Account is suspected to be the one.

The stage play will occur in Tokyo and Hyogo, and while it is termed as an adaptation, we are not sure whether it will portray parts of the anime, or have its own comedy/character bits.

Nevertheless, the announcement will come off as great news for both the anime and manga enjoyers, and also for those fortunate enough to attend the play when it is performed. That’s all from us, if you have any further questions, do let us know below!