Monogatari will Reveal its Cast and Teaser Soon

Monogatari is a currently ongoing manga, it first started publication in 2014 by Miracle Jump (Shueisha), but was later moved to Ultra Jump (Shueisha) in 2016. The author of the manga is Onigunsou, who also made Hitogatana, and while both mangas are very underrated but only one of his popular manga “Monogatari” was announced to have an anime adaptation last year. However, no further details were given, until now

In the manga, Spirits AKA “marebito” have possessed different objects of considerable age, and have now achieved a physical form. Our main character, Kyoma Kunato belongs to the Saenome clan, and their duty is to peacefully send the Spirits (Tsukumogami) back to their world. However, Hyoma holds his personal grudges with them due to the precious thing they took from him.

His grandfather sends him away to live with Botan Nagatsuki, who has mastered six tsukumogami and now lives with them as family Will this be enough to cure his loathing?

A credible Twitter user Komi posted today about the anime getting not only the cast and staff announcement but also a full teaser visual. Which is good news for the fans who have waited for over a year for such news.

Komi is a dependable leader, as he has been accurate about other similar news very often. In the past, he not only leaked that “Ayakashi Triangle” will get an anime adaptation but also which studio will be involved. Sure enough, it was confirmed officially after a week. Therefore, it is also very likely that this will be confirmed either on the exact date or somewhere close to it.

According to him, it will be announced on June 19th, which is not that far away. He also posted a few weeks ago regarding the animation house for the anime, which is “SHOPRO”, and also the Music producers being “Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment”. Now, SHOPRO is a very notable animation house as they have made not only numerous Pokemon, and Detective Conan movies, but also both seasons of Komi San Can’t Communicate. All of which have seen huge success.


This is not only great news for the manga, but also for the anime community as they can now appreciate an underrated gem. The manga will also likely gather vast sales (as we have seen with SPY X FAMILY, it went on to get its own stage play), and the author will gain more recognition. Stay tuned for further announcements on June 19th, which will be made on the website, or on a Twitter account. If you have any further questions, do let us know!