Cod Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah Map Is Now Viewable in MW2

Call of Duty: Warzone is Activision’s take on the Battle Royale genre of games, indulging players in game modes ranging from competitive free-for-all to team deathmatches to see who comes on top. The game offers the signature Call of Duty experience but with a different take on the otherwise common identity for which the franchise has been known. The boom in the battle royale market, thanks in large to the likes of Pubg and Fortnite, prompted a response from Activision elaborately.

Call of Duty Warzone supporting cover
Call of Duty Warzone

Building Upon Warzone’s Success

Call of Duty’s arrival of Warzone’s second iteration is due for a release in mid-November.  Aiming to carry forward the success laid down by the original installment, the release brings a barrage of new customizations, improved mechanics, and new maps as it attempts to echo and surpass the popularity of the previous game. 

Salient Pointers

  • Activision introduced the Warzone series to gain market share in the battle-royale gaming space.
  • The upcoming Warzone 2 attempts to extend its lead as the king of the battle-royale genre.
  • Multiple leaks have surrounded the game, and the Al Mazrah map has now been leaked.

Plagued By The Rumour Mill

Like every mainstream title, the onslaught of leaks trickled into Call of Duty’s upcoming Warzone game. That is to be expected considering the ambitiousness of the project itself.

Further elaborating this in an article we wrote at TopTierList, we covered the prospects, advantages, and disadvantages of the upcoming DMZ mode in Warzone 2. The mobile gaming branch was not left untouched as well. We covered warzone mobile’s state of soft launch when no one knew the timeframe in which the title would be announced.

All New Al Mazrah Map

The game has yet again found itself under the spotlight. It appears that Warozon 2’s map has been leaked and is now fully viewable in Call Of Duty MW2 before the official launch of Warzone 2.

The leak spotted by TopTierList, thanks in large to renowned leaker just4leaks2 on Twitter, has given us a glimpse into Al Mazrah, the flagship map of Warzone 2. The map is surprisingly available to be viewed in Call Of Duty MW2, most likely a bug that will be patched in the next couple of hours, considering its severity.

The above steps are needed to view Warzone 2’s map in its entirety. Once followed, voila! You can now hover about the map, exploring all the landmarks and potentially already planning your game plan once the game is officially released. Leave your first impressions of the new map in the comment section below!

Call Of Duty Warzone 2 map showcase
Call Of Duty Warzone 2 Landmark

The example above is just one of the many highlighted landmarks you can visit through the view option in MW2. Spaces like these will concentrate the center of the action on the map and likely house some serious action. It is worth noting that while the map is viewable in MW2, it is not in high definition by any means. That is largely down to the game not even being related to Warzone and the map itself not nearly completed since Warzone 2 is yet to be released.

Concluding Remarks

With fans eagerly anticipating the release of the much-awaited game, rumors, and leaks like these have already fueled the series’ fiery expectations set by avid players. What are your thoughts so far regarding Warzone 2? Do you think you are more excited about the game with the new DMZ mode and the new map? Let us know down below.

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