A Leak Suggests Dead Space Remake May Come To PS4

The Dead Space series is a horror/action-centric franchise owned by Electronic Arts and developed by Visceral Games. The first induction in the installment was in 2008. The series quickly became an all-time favorite due to its bold gameplay and on-the-edge story, which provided an environment and storyline diverse from the standard level of games.

Expectations From The Get-Go

The series recently broke covers on their latest project, the revival of the Dead Space franchise via a Dead Space remake.

Dead Space gameplay footage
Dead Space Showcase

The game has a lot to live up to, mostly scarce details. The developers must ensure they deliver on the expectations of the series’ fans; a dark, intimidating atmosphere, gripping storyline, and added accessibility in missions. While initial impressions remain positive, it is best to patiently await the release before one can finally get their hype up and formulate a solid opinion.

Crux Of The Matter

  • The Dead Space franchise proved to be one of the most gripping and intriguing games.
  • Early impressions for the upcoming remake seem positive.
  • A leak by Latin American Playstation youtube suggests the game may arrive for the PS4.

Old-Gen Support For Dead Space?

Despite the recent shift from developers to focus operations specifically on the next generation of consoles, Dead Space may be going in a different direction.

The above reveal trailer by the PlayStation Latin American channel has surprisingly included the PS4 in the supported release console list.

Mentioning the recent shift to next-gen support by developers makes this all the more interesting. With Assassins Creed set to become next-gen exclusive after mirage, and the public reaction not being very appealing, it would be seen as a breather if Dead Space makes its way to the PS4.

Added Discussions

Reddit user carwillat91 managed to inadvertently start a thread on the forum regarding the recent development.

Dead Space Remake also coming to PS4 according to Playstation Latinoamérica from GamingLeaksAndRumours

The general consensus is, not surprisingly, pretty taken aback. Some draw comparisons to the Resident Evil 4 remake as an example. Overall it seems that the possibility of Dead Space making its way on the PS4 would be well received.

It is pertinent to note that taking this with a grain of salt is best. Mistakes regarding developers using outdated formats are not unheard of, and perhaps it is best to wait for an official announcement from the studio.

Concluding Remarks

It will be a real treat for gamers if the prospect of PS4 support for the Dead Space remake becomes a reality. With the series having many fans and not everyone having access to next-gen consoles, it would prove to be a real convenience for cross-gen support.

What are your views on this? Do you think they would be compromising too much quality to support PS4? Let us know in the comments down below!

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