Elden Ring Is About to Get Its First Proper First-Person Mod

The mod does a great job of creating unique gameplay without ruining the game's integrity.

Elden Ring is one of the greatest releases of all time and has become a title where people can spend thousands of hours without getting bored. Such a thing is achieved by only a handful of games in this genre, and Elden Ring has the potential to bring much more. Aside from the rumored DLC, our team at TopTierList has found a YouTuber working on the First-Person Elden Ring Mod.

This mod is not one of your generic mods with clunky gameplay and some mechanics that don’t transfer well from the original third-person to the first-person. The modder behind this mod has added some slight changes that can make the gameplay much smoother and more enjoyable.

YouTuber FPSoulsProject has already made a working Dark Souls III First-Person Mod, and people have loved it. His current project is the Elden Ring First-Person Mod, and the Beta test for this mod started on 5th February. Since then, there have been some significant improvements, and the mod will only improve from now on.

Major Points 

  • A YouTuber is working on First-Person Elden Ring Mod, and so far, the people love it.
  • The beta test for this mod started a few days ago, which is the only way to play this mod currently.
  • Soon enough, when the mod is in a much better shape, it will be available on NexusMods.

Have you ever wanted to be in one of FromSoftware’s fictional worlds? Well, those worlds can be extremely brutal, so trying to feel like you are there without any risks is better. One such way is to play in a first-person perspective, making the game feel slightly more realistic. If you are a fan of that, you have come to the right place!

Elden Ring is already a treasure trove of massive content. The lore is huge, and the game offers a wide range of weapons, consumables, builds, etc. For that reason, people have spent thousands of hours in the game without getting bored. Before anyone undermines this game, you should remember that it reached almost a million concurrent players at its peak and won the GOTY award.

Even then, there are many things that the game just cannot do, one of which is a first-person experience since the game is made from a third-person perspective. However, gamers have found it possible to achieve that with mods, and while there are some already available, barely any of them provide the perfect experience.

By perfect, we mean no player model glitches or other janky mechanics that get worse in first-person. The player dodges by rolling, and with different weapons, the character has various movements, making the gameplay less fun with different builds.

YouTuber FPSoulsProject has made the mod somewhat better than the currently available ones. He took notice of the different spells and combat moves that can make combat a hassle in first-person. First of all, he implemented a system that he called the “True FPS Movement.

The true FPS movement is an optional feature that reduces your character’s attack movement. Normally, the character moves slightly in that direction after you do simple attacks. However, the movement is reduced with true FPS movement turned on, which unlocks more possibilities.

You can change your direction mid-attacks, making the combat feel much more in control. For instance, in the normal Elden Ring game, players usually go for dodges, and when an enemy does a move that you can punish, you deliver a heavy attack. However, with the true FPS movement, you would find it much more fun to be strategic with your normal attacks and engage in combat differently than you would in the third-person.

Even in the gameplay shown in the above video, you can see how this mechanic makes the combat more fluid. In addition, even the rolls are adjusted so that they don’t spin the camera too much, as spamming it can make you dizzy.

Putting that aside, the video mentions that this is inspired by King’s Field, an old game from FromSoftware. Therefore, by putting that concept in this mod, the modder has opened a door of opportunities. Fortunately, this is not all that the modder has done differently.

In Elden Ring, certain spells or incantations with unique animation are hard to translate well into first-person. One of the most common examples of that is the Dragon Communion Incantations. However, the modder has implemented another feature that resolves the issue.

The Dragon Communion Incantations are very strong, and many gamers use them to inflict status effects upon tough enemies. But their casting animation surrounds your character with a Dragon Mouth, which then breathes out the incantation chosen. The Dragon has a slightly different animation with different kinds of incantations. Still, in first-person, the camera cannot see past the Dragon Mouth, as shown in the video.

The modder has made it so that when casting the incantation, your camera moves slightly upwards, making it look like you are riding the Dragon as it casts the incantation. Since we mentioned different spells having somewhat different animations, each spell has a designated animation, allowing you to cast them all without worry.

The YouTuber is not unfamiliar with this kind of work, as can be expected from the hard work he has put into his current project. He recently made a working Dark Souls III First-Person Mod, and considering his YouTuber name, he likely wants to make one for each of FromSoftware’s popular souls game.

The mod looks insane, and people love the hard work he has put into his projects. In addition, he continues to make changes and fix bugs or other glitches to make the game enjoyable for as long as needed. The only thing that keeps modders like him motivated to keep going forward is the unconditional support given by the community.

Perhaps if his projects become well-received and gain a lot of support, the modder will continue to make many more such projects. After seeing his work, what other project are you excited to see in first-person? Are there any other things you would like to see in his Elden Ring First-Person Mod? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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