Insider’s Leaked Conversation Hints at a Massive Elden Ring DLC

In a leaked discord conversation, a notable insider reveals a huge Elden Ring DLC is coming.

It has been a while since the talks of Elden Ring DLC came up. Even though many believe it is unlikely and that the free Colosseum DLC was the rumored DLC, some still believe the DLC is on its way. That rumor now seems even more likely as Lance McDonald confirms in a Discord conversation that the huge DLC is coming.

The leak is not a direct public statement by him. Our team at TopTierList found a Reddit post that shows the leaked conversation between Lance McDonald and another individual on Discord. In the conversation, Lance confirms a DLC is coming and adds, “I know a lot about what it’s adding, but I don’t know about any new gameplay mechanics.

So, we can’t expect any new gameplay mechanics, but since he says they are adding a lot, we can expect many new bosses and a massive area to explore. Perhaps this might be the time we learned more about some of the biggest mysteries in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring DLC Leaked
The Leaked Conversation of a Notable Insider.

Major Points

  • According to an insider, a huge Elden Ring DLC is coming.
  • Even though it came from a leaked Discord conversation, Lance has not made any comments denying his statement.
  • We can expect more bosses and areas to explore, and likely nothing new in gameplay mechanics for the DLC.

Elden Ring is one of the recent most popular games and has even managed to snipe the Game of the Year award and achieved many other notable milestones. It is one of FromSoftware’s best-ever games, and as such, many people are excited to see what future content we might see in the DLCs.

Though there has been no official announcement regarding a potential DLC, many insiders have backed up the rumors. This has led to speculations on what we might see in the upcoming DLC. Some have started expecting new gameplay mechanics, perhaps in the form of new weapon types, status effects, etc. In contrast, others are excited to see some of Elden Ring‘s biggest mysteries unfold.

Some people even believe it will take a long time for them to do that, as they recently released the free Colosseum DLC. Nevertheless, the speculations are running wild, and until now, no one has said much about what kind of content to expect.

Elden Ring Content
Elden Ring.

That should end now as a Discord conversation has been leaked, revealing a statement by a notable insider, Lance McDonald. He is well-known in the gaming industry and has many sources, making him a reliable insider.

According to the conversation, a huge Elden Ring DLC is coming, and it will add a lot of new things but likely no new gameplay mechanics. We believe it might be closer than you think because the conversation was over a month ago after the Colosseum DLC went live.

Another thing to note is that when the other person asked Lance whether it would be a new area, he replied, “yeah, really big.” So, we can confidently say that many new bosses, mini-bosses, and exciting lore is about to be unveiled. 

We can expect new weapons, incantations, spells, NPCs, and so much more. Though we don’t know where exactly this new area might be or who will be the main attraction there, we can expect it to be something significant as this will be Elden Ring‘s first huge DLC.

Lance also stated in his message that he “knows” much of what’s being added. But since it has been well over a month since then, there might be even more stuff. So, the possibility of new gameplay mechanics is not completely off the table.

As exciting as it is, this further narrows down what we can expect from the DLC and sparks excitement toward an already amazing game. If the time is nearing, we can expect an official announcement soon, though we don’t know how soon it might be.

That is all for now! What do you think we can see in the upcoming Elden Ring DLC? Are you excited to uncover more of Elden Ring‘s hidden lore? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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