Subway Surfers Receives a Fan-Made Unreal Engine 5 Makeover

A YouTuber uploaded a video showing the mobile game with unreal graphics.

Have you ever wondered what Subway Surfers would look like with a modern touch? Well, perhaps YouTuber TeaserPlay had the same question and took it upon himself to give the game an Unreal Engine 5 makeover. Though it may look weird to many, the game does look like it will be fun to play this way.

TeaserPlay is notable for creating such incredible videos and recently put out a Fan Concept Trailer for an Open-World Avatar game, giving us insight into what Ubisoft’s upcoming Frontiers of Pandora might look like. He also made another exciting video showcasing GTA Vice City in Unreal Engine 5.

Major Points

  • A YouTuber created Subway Surfers in Unreal Engine 5.
  • The game looks modern yet nostalgic, but it is still missing something we all love.
  • The video showcases the game’s basic movements, but unfortunately, we don’t see what a power-up might look like in this makeover.

Subway Surfers is a classic mobile video game and has been the solution to boredom in almost everyone’s childhood. Along with other notable titles like Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride, the game has been a staple for almost a decade.

Though its popularity has watered down in past years, this endless runner masterpiece was downloaded on almost every other phone. As such, it still holds a special place in our hearts. But we can’t disagree that many other mobile games easily outclass Subway Surfers’ graphics.

Nonetheless, that is how the game was designed to be, and those graphics did elevate the cartoonish yet fun and endless ride on the train tracks. Still, anyone would wonder what the game might be like if it was made on the latest technology and perhaps intended to be played on high-end specs.

Then YouTuber TeaserPlay’s recent video would be the solution to quench those imaginations. Even though it is only a one-minute video, it shows some smooth graphics, with surprisingly good jumps and rolls.

One thing that is missing from the video is the power-ups. We don’t see any of those jump boosts, the jetpacks, or the coin magnets here, which could have made the video much more entertaining. In addition, we also don’t see other characters or some of the costumes, but those would have been too much to add in a short video, as the game does offer a lot of variety in cosmetics.

Still, the effort that he has put into making this is clearly visible. Not only are the graphics looking good, but the city and landscape around you also change slowly, making it look like you are actually running and perhaps advancing further; but we all know the run will never end as long as you are good.

Subway Surfers Game
Subway Surfers.

It does leave us to wonder, what would a game like Jetpack Joyride look like? Will we be flying in first-person view and knocking all those scientists, or will it be a 3rd-person game with unreal graphics? Even better, Temple Run on Unreal Engine 5, where the monsters are even crazier. Now that would be something exciting!

That is all for now! What do you think of the video showcasing Subway Surfers with these graphics? What other games would you like to get the same treatment? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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