Last of Us II Factions is Bigger Than You Think

The Last of Us is an action-adventure video game that was published by Sony Computer Entertainment and developed by Naughty Dog back in 2013. The player can control Joel, who is a smuggler tasked with transporting a girl named Ellie through the post-apocalyptic USA.

The game is in the 3rd-person perspective, where the player uses firearms and other improvised items to fight off enemies. Most of the enemies are humans infected by a fungus. In the online game or TLOU Factions, you can be in a co-op with up to 8 players.

The last of us II came out in 2020 and quickly re-ignited the love people felt towards the series. It had one of the most compelling stories, twists, and very engaging gameplay. It went on to be one of the best-selling PS4 games and the fastest-selling PS4 Exclusive.

It sold over 4 million units on the release weekend. Furthermore, it holds the record for having most Game of the Year Awards and winning multiple other ones as well.

It’s safe to say that we will hardly see another game reach the glory that The Last of Us II received when it came out. However, fans are still waiting for the Factions 2 update to The Last of Us II. Many people still believe that the multiplayer to TLOU II will be out very soon, but there is no confirmation.

What’s more interesting is Jeff Grubb’s comments on the whole thing in his latest video with Mike.

Jeff said that:

I don’t think a game called Factions or an Update to TLoU 2 will ever come out.

It does not mean we will never see the game come out, he meant to say that the game we call and think of as “Factions 2” will come out, instead it might be something bigger. Jeff and Mike went on to discuss how the game has evolved into a standalone service title, rather than being just a multiplayer update to TLOU2.

Although this is what most of us expected, it’s now almost confirmed coming from Jeff’s own mouth. Jeff Grubb is a gaming journalist, who gets access to this kind of information before anyone in the industry. Most of what he has said in the past has been confirmed (along with some major MWII and Silent Hill Leaks coming up lately).

The Last of Us Factions is an online multiplayer mode, players lead a group of survivors through 12 weeks. They can either choose to be Fireflies (Yellow) or Hunters (Blue). There are no unique abilities to either of the factions and choosing the other faction won’t reset your progress. One day passes for every match you play, and the goal is to find resources to aid in your group’s survival.

Factions 2 might not see the same update as the first of its series, however, it hasn’t been confirmed as to what exactly we will be able to see in the game. So, if you have any speculations, do let us know below!