A Fanboy Threatened to Bomb PlayStation HQ

PlayStation has never let down the fans in bringing exclusive games to the console. However, sometimes things don’t go that well, and people start judging their actions critically. It becomes even worse when fans cross the limits, and that’s precisely what we witnessed.

If you have been living under a rock, PlayStation recently released a PS Exclusive game for PC, which caused a great debate. There are debates from various sides, some saying it should have remained exclusive, while others are happy for this launch.

The biggest and perhaps the most extreme ones have started “threatening” PlayStation for their decision. But before we jump into that, let’s talk about why this is happening in the first place and how big Spider-Man Remastered, the game in question, really is.

PlayStation’s Decision to Bringing Exclusives to PC

Similar to any other console, PlayStation saw the market and how the rivals (Xbox) were bringing their Xbox-exclusive games to PC. It resulted in significant success for some of those games, further allowing the video game brand to spread its roots in PC gaming.

Over time, they have continued this approach, and for the most part, gamers have liked it. Many people cannot purchase every product from a company to play their “exclusive” games. So it is good that a game becomes part of other platforms after a few years or so of the initial release.

Some notable titles that were former PlayStation Exclusives include Death Stranding, Days Gone, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn. These games already had a good reception on the console, and their addition to PC further boosted their sales.

Like any sensible company, PlayStation kept doing that with some of their titles, with God of War and Spider-Man Remastered being some of their latest ones. Both of those games now stand at the top of the biggest launches by PlayStation Studios on Steam/PC, with God of War standing on 1st.

Spider-Man Remastered Brought Criticism

Despite the successful reception, Spider-Man Remastered brought many frowns as PlayStation players shared their sadness over a precious title losing integrity by coming to PC. After it was announced in the State of Play, it had already divided the fandom in two, and after some conflicts, there was no chance of reasoning between them.

Luckily, many stand on neutral grounds because an exclusive coming to PC does not mean it is taken down from PlayStation stores. The game released on a different platform is not hurting anyone but only helping the company make profits, so there should be nothing wrong with that.

Still, people go as far as giving threats to PlayStation, with many ranting their frustrations over the internet. One prominent example is this video of a guy threatening to bomb PlayStation Headquarters because that is the “only” way of stopping them from doing this.


The whole video is filled with him taking out his frustration over PlayStation, giving the “exclusives” to PC players. According to him, it will just bring PS5 down because there’s no reason if all good games come to PC.

Nonetheless, threatening a big company like PlayStation is not a joke. Not to mention, the guy in the video does not sound calm or sarcastic either. We can only hope that this is just one fanboy because if more people come with such an attitude towards PlayStation, they will be forced to take action.

On the Bright Side

It has only been a few days since Spider-Man Remastered came out, and people are already taking sides in this debate. Some have already shared their thoughts on unnecessary hate with very logical reasoning.

I don’t understand the Hate of Spiderman coming to PC. from playstation

Since Spider-Man Remastered is now on PC, there is an endless possibility of people making mods. The creativity can run wild, and the game can become even more fun than it previously was.

It will still take a long time for mods to come. For now, the game is doing really great, and it will reflect well on Sony’s next quarterly fiscal year report. In the meantime, what do you think of Spider-Man Remastered’s addition to the PC? Do you think it is the right step, or should PS Exclusives remain exclusive? Let us know below.

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