PlayStation State of Play Had a Nostalgic Touch

The spirit of E3 lives on; as much as we all love to say that, we cannot deny the fact that E3 cancellation this year made us all worry, especially when gaming is one of the only things we have been doing throughout the pandemic. But with PS State of Play announcements, the spirit indeed lives on!

In case you missed the announcements trending everywhere, we have got you all covered with our condensed news covering all the games mentioned in the 30-minute-long showcase. Grab your popcorn because you are in for a ride.

To start things off, we have the Resident Evil 4 Remake, which will come out on 24th March 2023. PlayStation picked a fan-favorite game from the franchise for the remake because fans are hyped up to experience the game in hopefully an even better way, as long as PlayStation doesn’t miss critical things.

Resident Evil 4 is one of the staples of the best horror games in history, as the game did everything right. It was the first modern third-person shooter game and included quick-time events before any other game. Mechanics, which we see being overused in many modern games, started from RE4, and they were done to absolute perfection.

Boy Oh Boy! the Spider-Man Remastered coming to PC on 12th August this year is one of the main highlights of the showcase. Sure, some PS players may be salty that the game is not exclusive anymore, but can you imagine the many mods that we can enjoy in this game? It’s going to lighten up the year by a whole lot.

We got to see some of the beloved characters again, including Miles Morales, Felicia Hardy, and Peter Parker, not to mention the villains, including Martin Li, Otto Octavius, and Wilson Fisk, AKA The Kingpin himself.

The Callisto Protocol reveal at the State of Play also re-ignited some hope for the many games left without much news lately. Just as fans were losing their hopes, PlayStation brought them back under the same roof and gave life to an almost-dead community as the game is set to release on 2nd December 2022.

The game is set in 2320 at a prison colony known as Black Iron, located on Jupiter’s moon, “Callisto”, operated by the United Jupiter Company. The player controls Jacob Lee, a prisoner at Black Iron, who now much survive amidst an alien invasion, which seems like a plan orchestrated by the warden himself.

This horror game will take us on a rollercoaster ride as we explore the character descending into madness and isolation as he fights everything the world throws at him.

Love it or hate it, the music, the graphics, and the theme just hit the spot. This might be your sports game if you thought roller-skating needed some violence. It may not look like your average sports game, but it feels unique and different and might exceed our expectations.

Rollerdrome is set to release on 16th August 2022, so make sure you have safety equipment because this might be a bumpy ride.

Eternights is on its way to becoming every gamer’s guilty pleasure, and we cannot blame them. The latest dating action game will blow our hearts away in early 2023. The game looks packed with story and action and some beautiful characters to melt our hearts (no point denying it).

Since we don’t have an official date confirmed yet, we should expect more news later this year and maybe some new visuals.

Why is it that among the many things Final Fantasy does perfectly, it’s always the soundtrack that remains consistent yet doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves? Yes, we will call it… Final Fantasy XVI is taking some amazing concepts from their previous games, adding even better quality, Improving the story further with each installment, and now mixing all of that with Masayoshi Soken’s composition of the soundtrack, and you have a masterpiece.

We can keep going on about this game because the trailer is looking fire, and the music further enhances by setting the mood in each cutscene, solidifying its position as the latest installment in one of the most popular franchises of all time.

The game is set to release in the summer of 2023, so expect more trailers or visuals as the time comes around.

We called it! Street Fighter 6 has been one of the most-awaited games this year, and we finally have a longer trailer this time. We got to see some of our beloved characters, and hopefully, we will see more as the release date comes closer.

What we love about the trailer is the concept of grown-up fighters now teaching a younger generation, which further sets up the groundwork for future installments. Ryu’s new look definitely took the main spotlight; now, all we want to see is how Ken and others will look. Regardless, the game is set to release in 2023, and no words are enough to explain this beautiful trailer.

The next in line is Tunic, an isometric action game that will be your best buddy whenever you are in the mood for something chill. But it won’t compromise on the difficulty as the game offers layers of challenges mixed with puzzles. Let us embark on an adventure as a fox and discover the mysteries the game will reveal to us!

The Tunic is set to release on 27th September.

Season: A letter to the future welcomed us in the State of Play showcase with a warm and cheerful trailer. Some may find it emotional, even though there was nothing sad about it, but perhaps it was the soundtrack that just captures you within itself.

We don’t try to be philosophical, but the trailer just makes you want to enjoy the beauty in many small things around you and let go of the thoughts of a utopian world, which we may never live to see. The game is set to release in the Autumn of 2022, the perfect time for a game with this name.

Stray has been on the waiting list for a long time, and finally, we have a confirmed release date of July 19th. The game is set in a cyberpunk world, where you play as a stray cat separated from its family. If you look at the small details in the trailer, the game has a lot to offer us with the mysterious world we will be exploring as a cat.

It shares similarities with Little Nightmares, another horror puzzle game with similar mechanics to Stray, but this game seems to offer more to the players, so stay tuned as the game is right on our doorstep.

The other main highlight was the new Horizon game, made exclusively for PS VR2 (currently in development). In Horizon Call of the Mountain, we set out as Ryas and see the world of Horizon in Virtual Reality.

The game will surely be one of the best as we fight the gigantic mechanical creatures in VR and explore a world full of mysteries and action. But do prepare for a lot of climbing (a lot of it).

We also got a teaser on the new major update to Horizon Forbidden West, which is out now. Don’t worry, as they assured the community that players would not lose the progress as they venture into this update.

We finally have Resident Evil Village in PS VR2, and since we all know how popular this game got, it is a smart move from PlayStation. As Ethan Winters struggles to survive in this latest addition to the game, we get to re-experience the horror aspects again in Virtual Reality. However, an official date has not been given, so all we can do is wait for further updates.

Another addition to the PS VR2 lineup is No Man’s Sky, and while the game looks fantastic, we still need to wait for VR2 to come, so we can experience first-hand how great of an improvement it is to the original games. The game has grown significantly and is now reaching the level the devs promised us.

We have all imagined ourselves in a zombie apocalypse, and now we can finally experience it with this final PS VR2 Game reveal as The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Chapter 2 joins the arsenal. Get ready to be part of this gore-y and blood-filled massacre as you try the many tools and weapons to your advantage in Virtual Reality.

The game is set to release in late 2022, so clench your cheeks because this year will be one of the best in a long time.

That is it!

There was a lot to unpack, and now that you know everything that is set to release over these years, what game are you most excited about? Do let us know in the comments below!