Jim Ryan’s Presentation Could Not Hide These 2 Games

Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, did a business briefing to explain their documented plans for upcoming PS games for the FY22. This document was titled “PlayStation: The Road to Profitable Transformation”, and it went through most of what a business briefing does.

However, we bet you did not catch some details in there, that potentially point towards two games coming to Live Services, not only that, but this also adds some hint of confirmation to some PlayStation games in rumours.

The chart depicts the projected number of live service franchises yearly, while the company has only one at the moment (MLB). Their plan is to grow it to 3 by the end of FY22, however, we still don’t have official titles out yet. Furthermore, in a Q/A with Jim Ryan, the game developed by Bungie(Sony owned), Destiny is not included in the group.

So what could these titles be? Well, there is very logical speculation behind that, one of the titles is most likely The Last of Us Factions 2, a title confirmed by Jeff Grubb, according to him, the game will be bigger than the previous installment, and would not be released the way we think it will, that the game will be bigger than our expectations (not in terms of gameplay, but as a title).

We can assume that TLOU 2 is definitely the top contender for the list, and this accurately fits the description we had before. The game title will be bigger than what we thought, and it will come out differently compared to The Last of Us Factions.

There was even a hiring post by Naughty Dog, the developer of Last of us 2. The hiring post mentions their first standalone multiplayer game, which also points directly towards TLOU Factions II.

The other game that many of us forgot was in the leaks at the end of last year is Horizon Forbidden West. Guerrilla Games posted a job hiring for their online multiplayer game on their website. The job was listed for a Senior Social Systems Designer Position, which said:

You will work within a core team of multiple designers focused on social systems and player engagements, and take charge to ensure quality feature delivery.

The hiring position is not available anymore, but traces of it can be found on multiple websites. Nonetheless, this also points towards the game that is supposedly under development. Will we finally see these 2 games come soon?

Even if we don’t, information like this regarding games is a good step to ensure they are progressing smoothly. We can also expect something from PlayStation’s State of Play, which will likely come out this summer among other game reveal live streams.

Other than that, all is left for speculation, but these two games make the most sense among many, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for some news very soon. Until then, if you have any questions, do let us know below!