God of War Ragnarök Gameplay Snippet Leaked

God of War Ragnarök has been one of the most-awaited games this year, and while we thought we would get something in the State of Play earlier this June, we got nothing; frankly speaking, it’s about time we did. Luckily, we have gotten some news lately about the game’s potential release, and since the pre-orders are on the way, it’s about time we got something more.

Here we managed to find a snippet of the gameplay, and while it may not be much, it is still great as we were starting to wonder what had happened to the game. The rumors were getting repetitive, and leaks were not as exciting, however, the gameplay is solid proof that it should be closer than we think.

God of War Ragnarök is the ninth installment of the series and a sequel to the original God of War 2018. It takes much of its inspiration from Norse Mythology and is set in ancient Scandinavia. Our beloved main character Kratos and his son Atreus have embarked on their journey.

Since the game covers the ending of the Norse era, it is called Ragnarök, which refers to the “end”, so we might see a lot of the Norse gods dying, and some major destruction. It was foretold already in the previous game as Kratos killed Æsir god Baldur.

Now that we have the gameplay snippet, we can see the look of Kratos, and how amazing it is. The graphics also seem really great, and they should be even better as the quality is not at its best here. Once you set the in-game settings to their highest, you should be able to witness the spectacle.

That is it from us, if you have any other questions, do let us know below, and what are your thoughts on the gameplay, it may be short, but can you guess where Kratos is going?