Indiana Jones is Xbox Exclusive or Not

Indiana Jones is one of the most successful and popular franchises, as it not only described a whole genre but gave it the meaning it needed. That is the sole reason why Indiana Jones is one of the characters that will pop up in your head when you hear adventure.

Their latest upcoming video game is one of the most-awaited games this year. It follows an original story. It has officially been in the works since early 2021, and ever since then, the only official information we received was in the teaser by Bethesda. Fans are hopeful of receiving more news in the Summer Fest Livestreams.

The game will have an original story, and the studio that is bringing the game to fruition is none other than MachineGames. Additionally, Todd Howard and LucasfilmGames will also be helping produce this game.

MachineGames has worked on many notable titles, including the Wolfenstein Series. It will be phenomenal to see their work together with Todd Howard, the director and executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios, the studio that brought us the Star Wars series, Indiana Jones, and the many games that came after them.

These producers and developers are masters in their genre, so if the ingredients go well, we might see the best recipe in the form of the Indiana Jones game.

The hype may not be as high as when this news got out, but an Indiana Jones game? That’s exactly what we need, and it will be a good competitor for the many other games we are expecting, with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Fable 4 as just a few of them.

However, will Indiana Jones be an Xbox exclusive, or will other platforms also take up the mantle? Some of our beloved leakers have a word on this, and it’s getting messy.

On the one hand, Jez Corden, an editor at WindowsCentral and the co-host at Xbox Two Podcast, said that the Indiana Jones would not be an Xbox Exclusive. He has proven to be a reliable leaker due to his seemingly limitless sources.

He said with great confidence that he was “Pretty sure it isn’t” an exclusive. But on the other hand, this might contradict what the co-founder of XboxEra said a day later.

Shpeshal_Nick, the co-founder and co-host of XboxEra, said that it wouldn’t be exclusive last he was told. This caused a great deal of confusion as Jez and Nick are both notable informants in the community, and this means one of them has to be wrong here.

Like Jez, Nick also has many sources and has provided information way before an official announcement many times in the past. After Nick’s tweet, Jez replied with a few tweets, and one said:

I hope you’re right, would be good for x to get a licensed exclusive. but I don’t think it’s this one, but could be wrong.

Nick hasn’t shown any doubt on his end, while Jez said it could have changed over time since it is the “last time I heard” situation. Not to mention, this isn’t the first time something similar has happened.

Previously, Jez said Starfield would be a cross-gen, while Nick said it would be next-gen. Guess who won? Nick, as it was confirmed later by Bethesda Games itself.

Regardless, one of them has to be right since it’s a 50/50 scenario, so you can pick your side and root for what you love more. Much information regarding the Indiana Jones game is already up in the air, and nothing there to confirm other than trusting good sources.

It would be great to see Indiana Jones come on various platforms, so any gamer with a PlayStation or Nintendo Switch could play the game.

Other than that, all we can do is wait for further information from Bethesda, which might be out in the Livestream Showcases happening in the summer fest. Stay tuned for more news, and let us know your thoughts below!