Is There Any Coming Back for MultiVersus?

Do you remember there was a time when we were excited about MultiVersus? But how is the game doing now? Because if we look at the statistics, it is as good as dead. The game was met with some success, but only in the beginning. It quickly went downhill, and our team at TopTierList had to discuss the reasons in an article

At that time, we listed down a few things, but now, it seems like there is much more than just that. The game currently stands at way less than what it had back then, but why is it so? Let’s revisit a game that was once on everyone’s mind.

About MultiVersus

MultiVersus is a free-to-play crossover fighting game developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. It features many different characters owned by Warner Bros., including DC Comics, HBO, Cartoon Network, and even Turner Entertainment. As such, we saw an array of classic characters fighting in this game.

The game was announced back in November 2021 after a series of online leaks emerged concerning the game and even an incomplete initial roster. The early access and beta versions were launched in July 2022. Due to the long anticipation, fans quickly got the game, and it saw over 150k peak players at one time.

Major Points

  • The game’s current player count is so low that it makes us wonder how it had so many players in the peak time.
  • MultiVersus has not seen an increase in player count in a long time.
  • The game will likely die soon, and the only way to revive it would be with a massive update with some beloved characters.

MultiVersus Current Player Count

At its best, the game had over 150k players, and almost a month ago, it averaged around 12.5k players a day, but now, it can barely reach 5k per day. That decline is massive, and if it wasn’t worse already a month ago, it has gone down by more than half of the players from that time.

MultiVersus Player Count
MultiVersus Statistic on Steam Charts.

The numbers are there; we can see that since September, when we documented the players averaging 8.5k, it went down by 79%. That number is enormous, and we can even see that the game only had its popularity time during the first two months. After that, the drop was so significant that it will probably never be recovered.

 Can MultiVersus Find Its Relevancy?

It is hard to say that because, as of yet, the game has nothing coming up that might bring back the players, nor did the game become a trend like Among Us or Fall Guys. It has no significant content planned as far as we know, and even if they were to release someone more iconic than what they already have, it wouldn’t be easy to reach the glory it once held.

As for the reasons for its decline, we have already discussed them in another article, which you can read here. What are your thoughts about the game? Do you think it will regain its relevancy, or will it forever remain dead and be forgotten? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and we will get back to you!

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