Ninja Baseball Bat Man 2’s Production Time Leaked

Ninja Baseball Bat Man is one of the masterpieces of the past. It was a classic beat ’em-up arcade game, and everyone was eager to play it first in the arcades.  The game was developed and published by IREM. It had four players; Captain Jose, Twinbats Ryno, Beanball Roger, and Stick Straw. The choice of these 4 characters made it a perfect party game.

NBBM 2 Confirmed
Twinbats Ryno from Ninja Baseball Bat Man (Far Right)

Due to its creativity, it was very popular among children. A sequel might be released very soon and the children of today might get a taste similar to what the kids from the arcade era had been given, moreover, the long-time fans of the game must be over the moon looking at this confirmation.

This leak on the CRT GAMES website is by no means a stranger; an almost identical situation happened before. The website similarly posted the game. However, the picture at that time was blurry, so there were some suspicions.

This time, we were again fast enough to catch this, but it doesn’t stop here. Korean YouTubers interviewed the founder of CRT GAMES. There he mentioned that the belt-scroll action game by IREM will go into production in late summer, following the release of the action game made by Jaleco.

The video is in Korean, but we can see what he meant. He refused to give the title, but the listing on their website made it obvious. They previously released “Snow Bros. Special”, but did you know they were initially working on City Connection.

They had to pause that project, but it seems that they have started the work again, as seen in the middle of those games. Not to mention, the creator himself said, “following the release of an action game by Jaleco”.

The previous listing showed a different game at that time, which was Psychic 5. Perhaps they are working on both of them currently. All in all, we can confirm that City Connection will come out this summer. Ninja Baseball Bat Man 2 will start production afterward.

If you still doubt the image, the green character is Twinbats Ryno from Ninja Baseball Bat Man. Moreover, the text displays “Drew Maniscalco”, who is the IP owner of the whole NBBM franchise. If this doesn’t scream confirmed, then what will.

CRT GAMES seem to be on the quest of reviving old gems. They are doing God’s work, and we are all grateful to them for that. Do you think the game will have a big reception as it did back then? Let us know below, and we will get back to you!

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