Dragon Ball x Fortnite Collab’s Details Leaked

Fortnite x Dragon Ball is coming, and it’s not a false alarm. Fortnite is one of the few games that appeal to audiences of all ages. It’s simply because of the massive arsenal of skins and events that keep the game alive. We have seen countless games dying due to lack of content, one example being Red Dead Redemption Online.

These collabs range from simple cosmetics you find in online stores to some limited-time iconic skins you can’t help but purchase, and this potential collab with DBZ might be an indication of a great time for long-time Dragon Ball fans.

Hypex posted a tweet on July 6th regarding the prop available in-game files. This prop pointed a finger directly toward a potential Dragon Ball x Fortnite collab. He is a notable leaker in the Fortnite community, and since many people caught this prop, this is 100% real.

Dragon Ball x Fortnite collab has been in the rumors for some time, but no information on the character skins was available. But that changes now.

Shiina is another notable leaker who has leaked many Fortnite skins and other content in the past. According to Shiina, there will be four skins coming in the collaboration. The confirmed characters so far are:

  1. Goku
  2. Vegeta
  3. Beerus

We are unsure whether Goku and Vegeta will have particular forms (SSGSS/ULTRA INSTINCT) in the game. However, we do know that Goku will likely use Kamehameha as a Mythic Ability.

Kamehameha is Goku’s signature ability throughout the series. It was initially taught to him by Master Roshi. Before anyone says something, Master Roshi is unlikely to be the 5th character. Shiina confirmed various other things, among which is good news for some audience.

The 4th is 99% confirmed female skin, which is fantastic for male and female audiences alike. The event will have a unique event screen like all others before it. There will be lots of quests, along with free rewards. An item “capsule” will also be added in BR and Creative, the use of which is still unclear.

There is a special place called “Preheat”, and we need to wait for further news on what this place is for. More importantly, the glider from this event will be the “Attack Ball”.

The Attack Ball was introduced in the Dragon Ball Z series. Vegeta and Nappa use it to travel to planet Earth, hoping to find Goku as he is one of the last Saiyans. This traveling pod will be a unique glider, so stay tuned for that!

If you are unfamiliar with Dragon Ball, it follows the story of Goku. He is a monkey-tailed mysterious kid who befriends Bulma. They go on the quest to find seven Dragon Balls that together can summon Shenron. The mystical Shenron grants any wish the summoner has.

That’s all from us. If you have any questions about this collab, you can let us know below, and we will get back to you.

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