PGA Tour Golf 23 Potentially Revealed on SteamDB

PGA Tour is a series of video games developed and published by Electronic Arts. They are the staple of golf games for any golf lover and feature courses from the U.S. PGA Tour, along with some that have been shown in other majors.

The sports series has always provided great content with yearly releases. Unfortunately, the latest PGA Tour game was delayed in March 2022 and will now release later in the spring of 2023. Although they gave no reasons, fans have remained patient. Luckily for the fans, our team at TopTierList is here to quench your golf thirst as we found this crumb of news from SteamDB.

EA Sports PGA Golf Game
Potential Information of PGA Tour Golf 23 on SteamDB.

Although it is not confirmed, the SteamDB staff commented that it is possibly the PGA Tour Golf 23 from Origin API, and SteamDB staff is rarely wrong with these. We have had many instances of games with only their App ID, but due to inside help, we could keep track of the game’s progress through this.

How Can We Make Use of It?

There is no release date or other relevant information yet, but since the last recorded update was on the 13th of September, we know that it will remain up-to-date with any progress EA makes on the game’s release.

So, the biggest benefit of this is that as soon as those dates are determined, we can be updated through SteamDB even before it’s announced. But that’s not all for PGA Tour Fans; Other information will also be extractable from here if you have the technical knowledge to understand it, similar to how we found the coding that told us that Death Stranding would have raytracing.

If you don’t know how to find the technical data, worry not, because we will update you as soon as something pops up!

EA’s PGA Tour Golf 23

One of the only competitions for EA’s PGA Tour Golf 23 is the PGA Tour 2K. The PGA Tour 2K21 featured many real-life courses, some of which were part of major tournaments. However, they did not have the rights to the actual names of the tournaments. But now, they have a contract with Tiger Woods, a renowned professional golfer, who is the consultant for future 2K PGA Tour games. 

For EA, that spells some degree of danger and potential competition. PGA Tour 2K23 is set to release one month from now, which will set a standard that EA’s PGA Tour Golf 23 must surpass to do well. The series has been a tremendous success for Electronic Arts, and they must do exceptionally well if they want to keep that success.

Keep your eyes open for any changes that pop up in the SteamDB. But by the time you catch it, we will probably already cover it, so stay tuned and let us know your thoughts on the future of PGA Tour games and which PGA Tour game is likely to do better. Comment below, and we will get to you!

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