People Can Fly’s Project Gemini Likely To Be a Live Service Game

The job listing states that the game's main attraction will be the endgame modes and content.

People Can Fly has several projects shrouded in mystery, one of which is Project Gemini with Square Enix. Though the details are pretty dry on this project, our team at TopTierList found some exciting details in a recent job listing, hinting at Project Gemini being a live-service game.

The job listing for Principal Game Designer goes over several things required of the role to meet the game’s standard. Even though they mentioned the project’s name, due to the lack of official information, they likely gave some to give perspective on the role.

In doing so, they have revealed some of the important parts of the game and shown us what we can expect from it in terms of content. The job focuses on the game’s endgame content, and according to the listing, it “forms a large and important part of the overall scope of the game.

PCF Job Listing
Job Description.

Major Points

  • PCF’s Project Gemini will likely be a live-service game.
  • The job listing emphasizes great importance in the role of endgame content for this project, and it seems to be a larger portion of the game.
  • If not a live-service model, Project Gemini will likely have some form of post-launch services.

People Can Fly is involved with several projects, some of which will be published by other studios, while others are in its self-publishing model. Undoubtedly, the studio aims to bring out some games that can bring more success to its already-successful portfolio.

It has been some time since they announced the wave of projects they are currently working on. In the most recent announcement, they updated that Project Dagger will now be shifted to its self-publishing model due to some disagreements with Take-Two Interactive.

Luckily, Project Gemini is still in partnership with major publisher Square Enix. It is one of the projects with lesser details confirmed, but we found an interesting job listing that goes over some of the important details of this mysterious project.

The job listing for Principal Game Designer for endgame content states, “On Project Gemini, the Endgame modes and content will form a large and important part of the overall scope of the game.” So even though we don’t know whether the game will be story-driven, we can safely say it will have plenty of endgame content.

We are unsure what these “endgame modes” might be, as they can range from PvP and co-op objectives to something entirely different. However, we find it interesting how they call the endgame the larger and the most important part of the game. With a statement like that, their main focus likely lies in gaining an audience through these endgame modes.

People Can Fly Job Listing
 Main Responsibilities.

In addition, the main responsibilities of this job give us further insight into how far they have envisioned the endgame. Albeit, such information is subject to change throughout development, so take it with a grain of salt.

  • Look at the big picture of the Endgame, ensuring features and systems are properly connected and considered holistically by designers and the development team.
  • Be a part of the design process for Endgame features, from conception and documentation to production, review, and final delivery, with a clear focus on quality.
  • Gather feedback from internal and external reviews and analytical data sets, and use it to determine solutions and new opportunities to design problems.

Considering how they repeatedly talk about the endgame features in terms of a vision, we believe it is likely in the “conception” phase. They mainly talk about how the qualified person needs to be involved with developing the endgame content from “conception and documentation to production.”

People Can Fly Games

Most importantly, the job listing also mentions some interesting details on the game’s service model.

  • Experience with online, post-launch, or live service design is heavily favoured.
  • Understanding of post-launch and live business models and how to balance them with design needs.

These are some of the qualifications for this job, and they mainly talk about post-launch and live service models. For those unfamiliar, a live-service model focuses on bringing out a stream of new content after the game’s release. On the other hand, post-launch is similar and focuses on the release of expansions and DLCs in the game’s future after release.

Since the job listing already shows the importance of endgame content in Project Gemini, it is logical that they go for a live-service design since it allows for a new and flexible content stream. However, since all this information has not been officially announced, it is subject to change.

Nonetheless, we can safely say that if endgame content is the main focus of this project, then post-launch or live-service design is the way to go for PCF. But do you think PCF will be able to satisfy the fanbase with a live-service game? And what endgame modes do you think will be part of the game? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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