Riot Games’ Project L Will Likely Come to Consoles

Though unclear which console, a job listing hints that it most likely won't just be for PC.

Riot Games has gained massive popularity in the past few years and has started venturing into different genres and platforms. Aside from the recent leak on Valorant coming to mobile, our team at TopTierList found a job listing that strongly hints at Project L’s release on console.

For those unfamiliar, it is one of the few upcoming projects Riot Games is working on and has been announced for quite some time. Though there has been no confirmation of its release on platforms other than PC, the job listing gives us more details.

Since Project L is a fighting game, many already thought console release was a given. But knowing how Riot is still taking time with releasing Valorant on other platforms, a game that has found massive success, confirmation through the job listing is a sigh of relief.

Major Points

  • According to a recent job listing, Riot Games’ Project L will likely release on console.
  • Though it hasn’t been confirmed, the Senior Software Engineer job heavily emphasizes a need for experience in console games.
  • Considering how recent fighting games have adopted cross-play, Riot Games might also be looking to integrate that.

Project L was announced a while ago, showing some gameplay snippets and the process behind its development. The game back then was still nowhere near its final version, so no release date was given.

Fans had kept a keen eye on this project, especially after the success of Valorant and Arcane. Nonetheless, no one could confirm whether it would come to other platforms. Despite the game being a tag-team fighter, it was possible that it would just be for PC.

The reason we emphasize its genre is that fighting games are generally considered to be great for consoles. They are smooth and chill and offer a perfect gaming experience on consoles. So, if a studio doesn’t take advantage of that, there must be something severely wrong with their decisions.

However, Riot Games has a weird thing going on, as they have also taken their sweet time with Valorant on other platforms. We have rumors of the potential Valorant Mobile release in 2023. The game has a big following, and fans have been asking for that for a long time, yet Riot Games hasn’t taken an instant initiative for its other platforms.

Nevertheless, it looks like Project L will receive normal treatment and will likely come on consoles. Though the job listing does not confirm which console, there are high implications it will be there. Considering how recent fighting games have adopted a cross-play feature, Riot Games might also jump on that train.

Riot Project L
Job Listing Description.

The job description clearly states, “You will be integral to solving challenging problems across a broad portfolio of technology, including (but not limited to) console development.” We can assume that they are talking about PC aside from console development here. It is unlikely they have plans for a mobile release this early for a fighting game.

Project L Riot Games
Responsibilities in Job Listing

We get another strong implication in the responsibilities: “Design and implement solutions from ground-up or additive improvements to the build and automation process that powers our feature development on multiple platforms.

The job listing mentioned multiple platforms and consoles, but there are no specific hints on which console they are talking about. The game might release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox altogether.

Riot Games Project L
Desired Qualifications in Job Listing

It is clear the job listing has put heavy emphasis on the console development of this project. We can’t confirm whether it will be coming to the console because they haven’t given an official word on the subject, so all information is tentative until then. However, we strongly believe it to be true as there are many mentions of it here.

Project L Job Listing
Required Qualifications in Job Listing.

Last but not least, the job listing also mentions “Cross-Platform Development,” which is not a big surprise if it comes to consoles. As we said earlier, fighting games are becoming more cross-play as of late, as it does a better job at bringing the community together.

From what we have seen in the gameplay and other leaks, it looks solid and a pretty decent fighting game. Since many other bigger titles are coming soon, we can’t tell how well Project L might do against them. Nonetheless, it has the potential to win the hearts of Arcane and Riot fans.

That is all for now! What do you think of Riot Games’ Project L? Do you think the game will have cross-play if it comes to consoles? And do you think it is possible that the game might come to mobile in the future? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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