PlayStation Plus Essential Bug Makes Games Invalid After Upgrade

PlayStation Plus has continued to prove that it is indeed PlayStation’s biggest failure. Not only have we seen many bugs and issues arise in the past couple of months, but their customer service now also seems like a dead end to solving many such issues.

One of the latest bugs our team at TopTierList discovered is that if you owned a game from base PlayStation Plus, which is now the essential tier, and you try to play it again from the Extra or Premium tier, your game will be invalid. The license somehow gets overridden in the newer tiers, and it thinks you never even had the game.

This has continued to disappoint and even annoy the players, but that’s not even the worst part; Once you take your issue to their PlayStation Support, the chances of your issue being resolved are close to zero. Even if you have all the proof, they just don’t seem to care.

PS+ Tiers Invalid Game
PlayStation Plus.

Major Points

  • Changing your tier on PlayStation Plus makes your games from base PlayStation Plus to be overridden, making it unable to regain access to those games.
  • This issue has been there since the new tiers were introduced, and it seems like it won’t be fixed anytime soon.
  • Some gamers even contacted their PlayStation Support but found no success.

If you thought your games from base PlayStation Plus would carry on to other tiers, prepare to be sad because this issue is not acknowledged by Sony at all. However, some games can still carry over, but it depends on the whole licensing issue.

For now, we would advise everyone interested in changing their tiers first to look up whether one of their desired games is affected. PlayStation Plus has already disappointed us with the inability to downgrade tiers during Black Friday.

Adding fuel to the fire, PlayStation Support has given nothing but unsatisfactory replies to customers facing this issue. 

PS Plus Support
A Customer’s Conversation With PlayStation Support 1/2.
PS Plus Invalid Game Bug
A Customer’s Conversation With PlayStation Support 2/2.

The images have been making rounds on the internet to show the incompetence of PlayStation Support. Whenever the customer brings up the issue, they point him towards the developers to blame for revoking the license, even though their terms and conditions do not mention this potential risk.

If you skipped reading the messages above, we will keep it short and tell you that their response was basically a whole ‘well, yes, but this sounds like your problem.‘ As much as we love PlayStation and Sony for the quality of games they have released, this kind of response is unacceptable to many in the community.

All you can do now is check whether the game you are linking from Extra or Premium is not already on Essential. If it is, it will add more layers to the Essential and cause it to override. Furthermore, you should also check whether that particular game has such an issue because some might still be linked, but we wouldn’t count on it.

Even if you have the proof and show the mail, they still can’t solve the issue unless you pinpoint the exact date with every minuscule detail, which will be very difficult as they don’t have a ‘search’ option based on the game’s name in the Transaction section. So, you can’t find the exact game without browsing through the list.

Since they won’t acknowledge the issue, all we can do is say good luck to everyone affected by this issue, as battling Sony’s system is not so easy. How has your experience been with PlayStation Support if you are an affected person? Do you think Sony will do something about this issue anytime soon?

Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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