Sonic Frontier’s Cutscene of ‘Rescuing Amy’ Leaked

Sonic Frontiers is one of the most-awaited upcoming games and is set to release on 8th November. The hype for the game has also escalated, primarily due to Gamescom. There was a demo version of the game available on Gamescom. However, things didn’t go quite as planned for them.

The demo for Sonic Frontiers had autosave enabled. That spelled trouble, as even though the demo was for 15 minutes only, they could reload their save, and experience more of the game than intended. This was not planned; once the staff found out, they immediately removed the autosave feature.

So, unintentionally, Gamescom became the gold mine of story leaks for Sonic Frontiers. That is the reason why they forbid filming at the booth. Fortunately(for us), some of the leaks have managed to find their way out, and we can now see them in all their glory. One is the official trailer scene that showed Amy Rose trapped in a mechanism for a few seconds.

The Trailer

The trailer came with the announcement of pre-orders, which have now started. It shows the open-world aspect of the game, some puzzles, other mechanics, the enemies, and even some scenes from the cutscenes.

One of the notable scenes is Amy being trapped in a giant red mechanism. More about that has now been leaked as we get the whole cutscene of Sonic rescuing Amy.

Amy and Tails Trapped

The scene is lovely and looks great, except that Amy is a hologram. It may look weird, but it could be part of the story, so we must wait to play it ourselves. What’s more interesting is what she says about Tails, “Well… in that case, we need to get moving. If I was trapped, I’m sure Tails was too!”

This could mean that Tails is also trapped, and we must also rescue him. Just like Amy, he could also be a hologram. But if she said ‘we,’ then maybe we would be able to use some of their powers for a short while, for example, Tails flying you somewhere high. As for whether they are playable themselves, people at Gamescom almost confirm that it’s only Sonic.

Regardless, it would be fun to see that; the game looks great so far, but some fans may get upset if they don’t experience the side characters even that much. It is packed with a good story, and according to previous leaks, we even have the gameplay of Green Hill Zone in Sonic Frontiers. It could be the start of a great new game series if it all comes together nicely.

As we wait for the game, let’s hope for more such cutscenes to arise from the depths of darkness so we can present it to you before anyone. In the meantime, let us know if you liked the footage and what’s your favorite part about it. 

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