Street Fighter 6’s Roster and Special Move Leaked

It has been one fantastic week, having so many game announcements during the State of Play, and one of our favorite ones is indeed Street Fighter 6. The trailer for Street Fighter brought goosebumps and took us on a nostalgia trip.

State of Play surprised us with many games, and while Street Fighter has already been teased before, it is overshadowing some of the others in the reveal list, which is evident from how riled up the leaks have gotten for the game. Not to worry, we will provide you with only the ones most likely to be true.

As the game is from one of the most popular franchises, there are expected to be many leaks, and surely enough, Capcom is predicting that as they have started getting rid of such posts. One of the most interesting ones is Cammy’s super combo within the game, which has an uncanny resemblance to Mortal Kombat Finishers, without any bloody stuff.

Cammy was the 2nd female character introduced in the franchise, who made her first appearance in Super Street Fighter 2. This leak was posted by a Redditor who took note of the original post and saved it in case it got deleted. Surely enough, the original post got deleted, and Rebs Gaming was fast enough to upload it for us to see.

First and foremost, the movement looks so fluid, and combining that with the cinematography resembling Mortal Kombat’s work is enough to make anyone excited for the game. Another thing we all loved from this was Cammy coming in her original costume, which gave her a special place in our hearts.

Aside from this, we also found this roster leak; its data was mined through various sources, and some we caught by watching the trailer frame-by-frame while connecting the dots.

We can spot so many of our beloved characters, especially a ragged Ken, the secondary protagonist of the Street Fighter series. There are also rumors on why he looks like that, but we won’t get into any details that seem suspicious.

Regardless, this new look of Cammy’s super combo is massive news on what direction Street Fighter is going in; soon enough, we might see more super combos from each character, and of course, we would love to see our beloved characters perform a heavily animated Shoryuken as we beat other characters.

The game is set to release in 2023, and we cannot wait for that long after seeing these amazing sneak peeks. What are your thoughts on these? Do you think They could have taken a different approach to it? Let us know down below!