The New Sumeru Artifacts in Genshin Impact Leaked

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular gacha games, primarily because it is very free-to-play friendly and does not require you to spend endless money to complete the game. The animation is very similar to an anime, hence why it is so successful in the anime and gaming communities.

Aside from the unique and tactical combat mechanics, Genshin Impact offers the players some amazing stories. Although the pacing is a big issue, it’s been looking great due to the great reveals miHoYo has done recently.

Currently, we are on patch 2.8 of the game, and it seems like we will finally be able to witness some dendro action in our party in the next patch. Moreover, we will also be seeing the two new artifact sets tailored towards dendro characters, and let’s just say that they look fantastic.

Cyno Artifact Set
Ornamental Gold Dream Design

First, we have the Ornamental Gold Dream; the design looks very much “Egyptian”, and it feels like it will be the signature artifact of Cyno, as he is the only character with the most Egyptian look. It is also possible to be more general, like Shimenawa’s Reminiscence or Emblem of Severed Fates.

Shimenawa set was for Yoimiya but now has become great for others like Hu Tao; the same is for the Emblem set, which was for Raiden/El, but is now best in the slot for many others. Regardless, we will discuss that further after looking at the set bonuses.
Dendro Artifact Genshin

Memories of the Deep Forest Artifact Design.Memories of the Deep Forest will be the signature dendro artifact, and it might be able to compete with Blizzard Strayer, which is currently one of the best artifacts ever due to the huge crit rate bonus it provides.

It looks great and matches the Sumeru aesthetic, but one big concern is whether we will see them in 3.0, as there is a strong possibility we will get two dendro characters before that. They may also introduce 3.0 directly after 2.8, but we can’t say for sure without an official announcement.

Sumeru Artifacts Genshin
The Set Bonuses of New Artifact Sets.

The set bonuses are interesting and give us the main stat theme of Sumeru, which is elemental mastery. We know that Inazuma showed us the importance of energy recharge, and many of the characters benefitted from that stat, and now EM seems like the focus for dendro.

Memories of the Deep Forest:

The artifact provides the following set bonuses;

2 piece – 15% Dendro DMG Bonus.

4 piece – When the enemy receives elemental DMG, Dendro RES is reduced by 25% for 8 seconds. It can trigger when the damage-dealing character is off-field.

This set is more general, it is a great option for all dendro characters, especially off-field, and this might also be used on support characters. It does not specify which elemental DMG the enemy takes, meaning the enemy can take any elemental DMG, and it will have a 25% dendro resistance shred.

So, we might see a big meta shift once Sumeru is out, so it’s better to save that fragile resin once these come out because who knows how many you will need.

Ornamental Gold Dream:

The artifact provides the following set bonuses;

2 piece – EM is increased by 80.

4 piece – Effect triggered after the elemental reaction. 1/2/3 characters of the same element in the same team will cause the carrier to gain x/x/x ATK, while 1/2/3 characters of different elements on the same team will cause the carrier to gain x/x/x EM for 8 seconds. It can trigger when the carrier is off-field.

The main focus of this artifact is on elemental mastery, and since dendro characters will benefit a lot from it, it will be interesting to see it being used on them. Since the values are not shown precisely, we can’t say how good they will be, but you can still farm for them for fun since it won’t take long to get bored in the endgame.

Ending Note

The values or bonuses are subjected to change; while it is unlikely, they can change them as they did with Noblesse Oblige set, which used to give Crit DMG, and now it gives Burst DMG.

That is all from us; let us know your thoughts on them and who they will be suitable for among the future characters. If you love playing Genshin Impact, scroll down as you can find all the news on it and much more!

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