The Last of Us Remake’s Leaks Have Surfaced Online

The Last of Us Part 1 is the formal title of the remake of The Last of Us. It is an upcoming game developed by Naughty Dog and will be published by Sony Interactive. The game has become one of the most awaited remakes we have had in a long while, and there are reasons for that.

The first installment in the series was released in 2013, which gained major success due to the amazing gameplay it offered. It reached even higher heights when The Last of Us 2 was released in 2020. Due to the massive success, the fans now have the highest expectations from this game.

The Last of Us Part 1 will release on the 2nd of September 2022 for PlayStation 5. The release for PC will arrive afterward. So, how is the game looking so far? Let’s find out.

As fans got hungry for information, Nick took it upon himself and gave us these treats. Nick is a Co-founder and Co-host at XboxEra and one of the most reliable sources when it comes to console games. These videos showed a decent length of gameplay, but they raised some questions.

Many people think that the gameplay is identical to The Last of Us, with slightly better graphics, almost unnoticeable. To which Nick replied:

Honestly I thought the same when I first saw it, but the UI is from 2. I went back and watched some footage from Remastered and it has the old UI. This has the new UI.

It might be better to experience the UI ourselves when the game releases. So far, it seems that the game is going in a decent direction. But will it meet the expectations of the gamers? It’s hard to answer that. There are also other questions regarding the accessibility options, and whether we will be able to dodge/parry certain attacks. A feature we all loved in The Last of Us 2.

There is a wide range of accessibility options that you can tinker with. However, the biggest concerns got confirmed. You cannot dodge or parry, and you can’t go prone. This is a big upset for many gamers because we saw these features in their recent game. They were loved and got a great reception, so it is only natural for us to expect them in the remake as well.

Imagine being able to play the content of a prequel with advanced features from sequels. The concept is great and Naughty Dog could have used that to their advantage. Nonetheless, there are some other interesting things you should see.

The controller layout was also given by Nick. He followed up the tweet by saying:

Also been told it has gyro aim for those who love their gyro

So there you go gyro lovers. A cool feature to make the game more enjoyable. Naughty Dog is listening to feedback, and the amount of good things we can see here is proof of that. The only thing they could have improved was adding those two features we discussed before.

Moreover, if you want to check out the workbenches and graphic settings in The Last of Us Remake, here you go.


The weapon workbenches look similar to The Last of Us 2, and that’s great. The graphics settings also show that the game supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and High Frame Rate (HFR). It also supports different graphic settings, which you can adjust to your specs.

All in all, the leaks give us a great insight into what the game will look like. If you think these aren’t the final product, then you might want to adjust your expectations. As Nick also mentioned:

For those wondering/asking about the build of the game being played in the footage, I asked and it’s apparently “the most up to date” build. So not sure if that means final or not. Also don’t know how old that build is so I don’t know what/if will change to release day

The gameplay and other features are most up-to-date. Since we know the game went Gold recently, it is likely that these are final. But it is still not confirmed as Nick said. There might be slight changes, but as always, keep your expectations realistic.

The game has very high expectations, and that might ruin our experience coming into Part 1. The game looks great so far, and we cannot wait to play it. What is your favorite content in the game that you are most excited to play again? Let us know below and we will discuss it with you.

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