Key Art From an Unannounced Transformers Game Leaked

The gaming industry is vast, and despite there being countless games in various genres, one of the more complex genres is the video game adaptation of a beloved comic/entertainment franchise. It is complex because we either have a fantastic adaptation or something that forever remains under the radar.

We have countless examples, and Transformers perfectly fits that. While Transformers has received various video games, only a handful have received some recognition. So, the need for a AAA Transformers game is definitely there.

Luckily, we might get more Transformers games, as indicated by leaks regarding Transformer: Rise cutscenes, and now, we have official artworks revealed by a visual designer himself, who claims that they belong to an Unannounced Transformers Project.

Major Points

  • Concept Art/Key Art from an Unannounced Transformers Project has been found on ArtStation.
  • The art reveals interesting weaponry, vehicles, and even characters like Bumblebee and Starscream.
  • There are even some things that can potentially reveal parts of the plot of this game.

The Key Art comes from user Elizer Morcillos on ArtStation, who works as a Visual Designer at Mighty Canvas Concept Studio Inc. The studio has worked with some notable titles in the past, and its involvement with this shows how credible it might be.

Along with the images, Elizer shared that he “had the pleasure to work on this Unannounced Project working on Keyart, Environment Designs, Character Design, Vehicle Design, and Weapon Design. It was a lot of fun visualizing this project.”

Transformers Game Energon
Energon – Concept Art.

The image shows a transport vehicle that carries Energon. For those unfamiliar, Energon is the preferred fuel of the Transformer race. As such, its rarity and uses are significant. 

Transformers Weapons
Design of Vehicles/Weapons – Concept Art.

These vehicles are likely accompanying the transport vehicle shown earlier. A later concept art further clarifies that statement, but the exciting thing here is that the tech used in these vehicles is Cybertronian. So, these vehicles are most likely capable of fighting Decepticon bots.

Transformers Game Soldiers
Character Designs of Human – Concept Art.

The human soldiers also carry weapons that use the Cybertronian tech, and we also have fighter pilots, as many Decepticons excel in aerial combat.

Transformers Helicopter Interior
Interior Design of Helicopter – Concept Art.

The interior of the helicopter is self-explanatory. It can contain up to five soldiers at once, with only 2 piloting the vehicle.

bumblebee Energon
Bumblebee Escorting Energon – Concept Art.

This image shows Bumblebee accompanying the humans, along with their weaponry. They are all escorting the Energon, hoping to avert all Decepticon threats. However, since Starscream seems to be one of the more critical antagonists here, we can only hope he is more faithful to the comics than the movies.

He is one of the most in-depth and popular characters in Transformers and deserves more screen time, whether in a show, movie, or video game.

Starscream Destroying Car
Starscream Fighting – Concept Art.

Here, the Decepticon ‘Starscream’ is destroying the vehicles, potentially attempting to collect the Energon for his own personal use.

Bumblebee Fights Starscream
Starscream Using Energon – Concept Art

Starscream successfully collects the Energon, which poses a danger to Bumblebee. Although this looks pretty intense, it can likely be the introduction scene to the much bigger plot of the game.

It looks exhilarating, and we are only hoping that they portray these characters as accurately as possible since they are some of the most popular ones we have in the comics.

But that’s all for now, the only thing we can do is wait for the time these get announced, and hopefully, this project will not be scrapped at all since it looks terrific. So, what are your thoughts on the concept art? Do you think we missed something in terms of the plot? Share it with us below, and we will get back to you!

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