Upcoming Need For Speed Amongst Titles Scheduled For Stadia

Google’s Stadia is a cloud-based gaming platform that makes gaming portable and accessible. It was also the company’s first push into the lucrative and booming genre of cloud gaming. Competitors in the space included the likes of Nvidia, with their GeForce Now and Playstation Now, amongst other alternatives. It is unfortunate, however, that such a diverse project could ultimately not survive.

The Failings Of Stadia

Excruciatingly long waitlist, lackluster cloud-based performance, and the added time of failing to support the service globally or across all games even meant that the hype for Google’s ambitions was quick to fade away.

Google Stadia showcase
The Google Stadia

It’s no surprise that Google Stadia has reached the end of its product life. With the higher-ups pulling the plug on what was, and still is considered, an ambitious but respectable project, it leaves behind a table of opportunities and what could have been.

Major Pointers

  • Google Stadia was meant to mainstream cloud-based gaming and revolutionized the gaming space.
  • A hasty launch and an improper action plan meant Stadia would eventually fail.
  • Remnants of Stadia are present in upcoming game posters, sporting the Stadia support logo.

Need For Speed On Stadia?

An eagle-eyed Twitter user, one999mx, recently uncovered what appears to be Need For Speed extending support for Stadia.

The leak, spotted by TopTierList, delves into the announcement page of Need For Speed, uncovering what appears to be the prospect of the presence of the game on Stadia. To add to this information, it appears that NFS wasn’t the only major title coming to the platform.

A recent CD Projekt Red development showcased their roadmap for future titles and projects was spotted housing the Stadia logo amongst the list of supported consoles. This begs us to believe that perhaps a wave of upcoming titles was scheduled to be released for now deceased service.

Google Falters, Competitors Strike A Home-Run

Sure, the gaming market is incredibly saturated. You either manufacture a console that aims to break apart from the monopoly of the established firms but risk drowning in the process, or you specialize in a niche that never guarantees success. It is not to say, however, that it is impossible to succeed.

Many apprehensions were set aside upon the induction of consoles like the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck. The idea of portable handheld gaming, with the latter device going as far as supporting full-scale pc games, seemed like a monumental task at first but was overcome one way or the other.

Both consoles had their fair share of setbacks. The Steam Deck, plagued by early software issues and unoptimized games, found its stride recently and is now on course to surpass a million units in sales. The Switch also suffered from problems echoing those of the Steam Deck but has since seen it rise to the top of handheld gaming consoles.

Concluding Remarks

All this points us to ponder what the horizon could have held in store had Stadia received the backing it deserved. A truly innovative concept, hampered by early problems and ultimately let down by management.

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