Marvel’s Wolverine Gets a Fan Concept Trailer on Unreal Engine 5

The trailer involves some blood and slicing up humans - as expected.

It’s been over a year since Marvel’s Wolverine was announced, but we have barely heard much about the game afterward. As such, we thought it would be best to remind ourselves what we have in store for us in the future. Our team at TopTierList found a fanmade concept trailer by TeaserPlay that shows our character in action.

Since we still don’t know when Marvel’s Wolverine might be released, the trailer perfectly commemorates the upcoming game. Moreover, it is made on Unreal Engine 5, which explains the high graphics. Some rough details can be perfected with more time, but the YouTuber has his hands full, creating other similar trailers.

He also made a Mandalorian Concept Trailer, an Avatar Trailer showing the Open-world, and a Subway Surfers Trailer on Unreal Engine 5. His projects contain excellent quality content, often giving us great insight into what we can expect if a big studio makes it.

Major Points

  • YouTuber TeaserPlay has made a Fan Concept Trailer for the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine.
  • It is made on Unreal Engine 5, giving good insight into what we can expect.
  • Since we haven’t heard much about the game in a while, the trailer does a great job of lighting up that excitement.

Marvel’s Wolverine has barely seen any updates since its announcement. Even though it received a lot of hype then, many seem to have forgotten that it exists. If you didn’t, you must be a hardcore fan, but if you did, it doesn’t matter because TeaserPlay made the perfect thing to regain that hype.

The trailer starts with Wolverine driving in a car, and it looks like the car is not part of a cutscene, so you can probably ride it. He stops at a gas station and makes his way into a bar. There’s a bunch of people inside, waiting to fight him. He beats them up pretty badly, as expected, leaving them bloodied with maybe some dismembered body parts.

He then comes out only to be greeted by other Police members waiting outside to arrest him, but we know it won’t go well for them as Wolverine is ready to jump at them as well. One of the great small additions here is the text on the way out reading, “I’m drunk, and you’re insane. Who’s gonna lead us home.” This further adds a parallel to Wolverine and his ferocious rage.

It looks somewhat similar to what we saw in the original announcement trailer. However, the teaser focused more on the aftermaths of a fight Wolverine had just finished. There is a big difference between the two trailers’ qualities, but the Fan Concept Trailer was made by one YouTuber on Unreal Engine 5. In contrast, a big studio made the original teaser trailer.

We admit there could have been some polishes to make it look much better with the human models, but it captures the essence of Wolverine pretty well. In addition, this isn’t the first time TeaserPlay has made a Marvel’s Wolverine trailer. He made one 5 months ago, and it is the one that is more similar to the trailer.

It shows the aftermath of a bar fight, some bodies lying around, and then zooming in on Wolverine’s face. It has impressive graphics compared to the recent one. Though it might be better in many aspects, the older one doesn’t focus on the action and gives us a little look around the world.

If you are unfamiliar with the game, it is a PlayStation 5 exclusive, so we won’t see it coming to other platforms, but there is a possibility of it coming to PC later on, similar to Spider-Man Remastered. It is currently in development by Insomniac Games and is expected to be released in 2024 at the earliest.

We have seen stellar success with Insomniac Game’s Spider-Man titles, so we also have high expectations from them with Wolverine. You may know that he is often depicted differently from other superheroes and is, therefore, a favorite for many.

Although we haven’t seen any official information on the game, some notable insiders have told us enough to get a general idea. According to an insider, the game is set well before Logan becomes a member of the X-Men. He is still wandering around, which explains his venture and ferociousness. Since it is set way back, we might see him battling against Sabertooth.

Most importantly, the game is rooting for an R rating, so there will be a lot of blood and violence. It is excellent news since Wolverine would not be complete without violence, and anything less than an R rating would not do the game justice.

That is all for now! What are your thoughts after seeing the Fan Concept Trailer? Are you excited again for the eventual release of Marvel’s Wolverine? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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