Mark your Calendars for 9th June for These Game Releases

As we know that Summer Game Fest is right on our neck, and no matter how much we prepare or anticipate the games, they will still blow our minds, similar to what the PlayStation’s State of Play did. So let’s soften that blow and prepare ourselves by talking about the games appearing on 9th June, and if not, they will appear sooner or later.

Our “games-to-play” list was running dry, and while the State of Play gave us some content, it still lacked the punch (God of War Ragnarok). However, Roberto Serrano, a credible leaker on Twitter, gave us hope by giving his detailed list of all the games that will be revealed in a few days.

Roberto is a Business Analyst, Web/Tech/Project Specialist, and former PR & Chief Editor at 4news. He has many sources in the industry, as he previously mentioned some titles, some of which have been confirmed, while others are on the waiting list.

In this thread, he mentioned some titles, including:

A Plague Tale: Requiem – The game was announced back in 2021, and while it was confirmed to release in 2022, we still do not have any news other than that. They will likely give an official date and maybe another trailer for this game.

Alan Wake 2 – Another game that was announced in 2021, and while the studio mentioned 2023 as the release year, more news about the exact date is to be expected in the showcases. The game has been one of the most-awaited games as we can now get closer to the mystery of Bright Falls and the dark forces challenging Alan Wake. The game may not be combat-heavy, but it will be very challenging.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II – CoD MWII is expecting a single-player and team co-op one-level gameplay demo. So mark your calendars because this might be the perfect time for the reveal.

The Callisto Protocol – The game had a reveal recently in the State of Play, and according to Roberto, we might see an extended gameplay trailer, so fingers are crossed for that one. This horror game is an upcoming masterpiece, set in a prison colony known as Black Iron, located on Jupiter’s moon, “Callisto”. The player must survive an alien invasion caused by the Warden.

Crimson Desert – A forgotten gem that had its gameplay release back in 2020, and now we might finally get more info regarding the release, along with a new trailer. It is an open-world adventure/action ARPG game by Pearl Abyss, and we are all waiting for the release as the game has tons of potential.

Exoprimal – Next in line is Exoprimal, and let’s get the elephant out of the room, the trailer for Exoprimal has some of the most badass mechs we have seen, and we cannot wait to be the one on the front seat. The game is futuristic and will prove great for both casual and hardcore players. We have confirmation that the game will release next year, so more info is right around the corner.

God of Ragnarok – The latest installment in the GoW series and probably the most awaited one. We are diving deeper into the lore, and without spoiling much of that game (seriously, you should play it), it will surely be the highlight of the year, and that is not an overstatement. We did not get much information in the State of Play, so that we might get it anytime soon.

Aside from the usual Genshin Impact version trailers, and Fortnite updates, we will get to see:

Diablo 4 – An open-world RPG game by Blizzard, which is set to get a release date very soon.

Gotham Knights – Have you ever tried to imagine Gotham without Batman? Well, that is what the game focuses on because Batman is dead. To save Gotham from chaos, it is now up to the Batman Family, Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin. The game is also set to receive a New Gameplay Trailer later this week.

Mafia The Prequel – The new installment of the Mafia series has been in the rumors for a long time, and now is finally the time we receive an official announcement trailer. The studio is aware of the leaks, so holding it further won’t be that profitable.

GoldenEye HD – the GoldenEye is also set to get an official announcement trailer this week; the game had some progress when achievements appeared on Xbox, so now seems to be the perfect time for the reveal.

Layers of Fear – The latest Layers of Fear is developed by the Bloober Team, and the trailer for the game gives the perfect creepy vibes any horror fan would love. The game will also get a gameplay trailer soon and might be released later this year or earlier next year.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Marvel’s new game is also around the corner, so we should be getting a new release date trailer. The game has a lot of potential and is set on the darker side of the Marvel Universe.

Need for Speed – NFS 2022 is the latest game from the popular franchise and was announced previously to be in line for release later this year. However, we are still yet to receive an official announcement trailer, which should come later this week. It is an open-world game and should be enough to quench our thirst for NFS games.

One Piece Odyssey – This game is based on the popular anime One Piece. While it may adopt many of the canon characters (and maybe even non-canon), it will not affect the main storyline of the anime and is set to be a turn-based combat game that will be perfect for any One Piece fan that I certainly am. It is set to release later this year, and the gameplay trailer is right around the corner.

Nightingale – The game received a reveal trailer last year, and fans are now waiting patiently for a release date trailer, which will come on June 9th, according to Roberto. The game is a shared-world survival crafting and building game coming to PC later this year; it may or may not be delayed, according to another tweet by Roberto.

Persona 5 – Persona 5 is also set to get a PC release trailer very soon. Get ready, Persona fans, because this will surely be a nostalgia hit for all of you. It is an immersive role-playing game filled with an enjoyable storyline and some incredible characters.

We have talked about some of these games before in our previous news, which you can read more about here!

Returnal – The PS5 exclusive game is going to be released on PC in September this year, and further announcements and an official PC release trailer are expected to come very soon.

Silent Hill 2 Remake – SH 2 Remake is also set to receive an announcement trailer, and presumably a release date as well if we are lucky.

Sonic Frontiers – The latest Sonic game will also receive a new trailer, but we have our fingers crossed as it has barely been a week since we got the teaser and gameplay.

Soul Hackers 2 –  The game had an announcement trailer recently, and now it is set to get its gameplay trailer, which we should be seeing later this week.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me – The game had its announcement trailer last year, and now we are set to receive a release date, along with a gameplay trailer, which will also likely be as bone-chilling as the released trailer.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum – TlotR Gollum is another most-awaited game on the list, that takes the darker aspect of the story, and gives us an amazing game. We are set to receive a story trailer for the game, so keep your eyes open for that.

Zenless Zone Zero – The latest game by the same company that has given us Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact. This game will likely also be a fan favorite, and we are yet to receive a gameplay trailer and a console release date, which is around the corner.

Dead Space Remake – This remake is also getting a gameplay trailer, which will likely be out later this week. Fans are very excited about the game, and the original did not disappoint us.

Elden Ring DLC – According to Roberto, we should be hearing news on a DLC for Elden Ring, and while it may seem too fast, it is not unlikely, so let’s hope it brings us even more fun.

There are even more games as Xbox extended its showcase time, which means more game reveals. If PlayStation gave us all that in 30 minutes, we can only imagine the 90 minutes of Xbox & Bethesda Showcase.

That’s all from us; if you have any other questions you want to ask, do let us know below!