Pick Up your PS5 Controllers Because Biomutant Just got Hope

Biomutant is like any other action role-playing game, and it was published by THQ Nordic and developed by Swedish developer Experiment 101. The game is great for anyone who is new to the open-world genre. It has many things you can expect from other familiar games, but it might not be able to compete since we have a lot of competition there.

Nonetheless, Biomutant has done very well to prove itself to be an average good game; you may not love it, but you can’t hate it either, and since the game was released on PlayStation 4 back in 2021, we the fans are still waiting for its release on PS5.

THQ Nordic has teased us on this last year with the gameplay footage, and while we thought we would receive more news, it’s still very scarce. Unlike them, we will not let you down as we just found a trace of the game on the PSN Backend.

We used our special wand to bring this into existence… Just kidding, we found the TitleId and the ConceptId for the game, being “PPSA06256_00” and “229899”, respectively. Once you put these with other information on the PlayStation Store API, you can fetch the images, even if they are not released yet.

Nevertheless, this is great news for anyone who wants to experience this on their new consoles, and more information on this might be out in the PlayStation’s State of Play. However, we highly doubt that since this is still very early, there have been many rumours and leaks on what might come out, none of which mention this game.

We always love new games, but let’s be real about this; the only piece of information we can expect from the summer game reveals would be a message to give us hope on the release. Still, it’s not impossible, as PlayStation can pull this off if they want. 

Biomutant may not be as good as other open-world games you have played, but it’s a great start for beginners. If you spoil yourselves with the big titles, you may not be able to enjoy what other games have to offer.

All in all, we can expect PlayStation to give us more news on the PS5 release of Biomutant. What are your thoughts on this, and if you have any speculation on when this might be, we would love to hear it down below!