Souls Influencers Might Have Been Invited to Play Elden Ring DLC

Several souls influencers teased the DLC before it was announced.

Elden Ring DLC was announced almost a day ago, and it has put the community in a state of exhilaration. Notable souls influencers have also shown their surprise and started speculating about the DLC. However, our team at TopTierList has found a few tweets and a clip hinting that some souls influencers may have been invited to play Shadow of the Erdtree.

Influencers like Lobosjr and FightinCowboy tweeted about something coming before the DLC was even announced. Not to mention, Twitch user, Elajjaz, notable in the souls community, received a letter from FromSoftware. He unintentionally read out parts of the letter, and it seems like they are inviting him for something big. Upon realization, he quickly stopped reading it.

These might be just a few of the many influencers, as FromSoftware is connected to the souls community. Maybe they wanted these influencers to test the game and even help in marketing after a certain period.

Major Points

  • Several souls influencers may have been invited to play the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.
  • Although we know some of them already knew of the DLC, as hinted by an older leak, a clip showing a letter from FromSoftware hints there might be more to it than we think.
  • While it doesn’t say much about the content of the DLC, we can expect some teases and bits of information leaking from different sources.

FromSoftware recently announced Shadow of the Erdtree, and even though it was the most unexpected thing that day, several people may have already known about this. Some souls influencers tweeted even before the announcement came, and their tweets clearly show they knew it was coming.

FightinCowboy is a well-known content creator in the souls community, with close to 1.2m subscribers on YouTube. Since he has guided many souls gamers on their journeys, it is no surprise he would be a person invited for an upcoming expansion. Many people love his content, and he can even be a valuable influencer to market the DLC when it releases.

Lobosjr also tweeted something before the announcement. Although it may have gone unnoticed after the hype created by the DLC, we are here to bring it to your attention. He has over 425k followers on Twitch and has a massive following in the souls community. Similar to FightinCowboy, he also falls under the category of people FromSoftware can approach for the DLC.

However, we already know some people were aware of the DLC, as revealed via a leaked conversation from late 2022. But barely anyone outside of FromSoftware should know when they would announce it. Not to mention, Elajjaz received a letter from FromSoftware, which has some content that heavily points toward this possibility.

You can check out the clip here. It pretty much shows him reading the contents of the letter before realizing the confidentiality of it and stopping mid-way. This clip was made after the DLC was announced, so it makes sense they would reach out to more people to play the expansion.

Similar to the influencers mentioned above, Elajjaz is a notable content creator in the souls community. Therefore, it makes sense that he would also know about it. In addition, there are many other similar influencers, and these might be a handful of the ones we could find.

Although we can’t confirm who might be on it, we can at least expect more leaks regarding the DLC or even teases from these influencers. It is unclear whether the information of these content creators being invited will remain confidential. Considering the reaction given by Elajjaz as he realized what he was reading, it most likely will be.

Some examples of games, like Valorant, invite content creators to test their upcoming content, and most even stream it, as it is an excellent way to market everything. However, those are entirely different games, so the approach FromSoftware takes with this game will most likely be different.

In addition, they have Armored Core VI in the works, so we expect the DLC to come before that. A notable insider also confirmed through his sources that Shadow of the Erdtree will be in Q4 2023.

If you cannot wait long for the DLC, you can check some community-made mods. There are many exciting ones to check out, but one that stands out is the first-person mod, which makes the soulsborne experience even more thrilling.

Elden Ring is one of the most popular releases in gaming history, gathering close to 1m concurrent players at one point. It is one of FromSoftware’s masterpieces, making the genre more mainstream. Although souls games have always been popular, Elden Ring undoubtedly took it a level further.

That is all for now! What are your thoughts on Shadow of the Erdtree? Do you think FromSoftware is inviting souls influencers to play their upcoming expansion? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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