Job Listing Suggests WB’s Increasing Interest In Mobile Gaming

Warner Bros. Discovery is one of the flagship American conglomerates based in New York City. An umbrella organization housing subsidiary companies, the studio deals with mass media and entertainment categories with the merger this year with Discovery being the talking point for the company.

WB Group As A Whole

It is important to differentiate between the parent company and its subsidiary. WB Entertainment possesses the IPs for multiple series and movies that we have all come to love and enjoy. Ranging from the likes of Batman, Harry Potter, and the Mortal Kombat series, these are just some of the salient works that have come from the studio. 

Major Talking Points

  • Warner Bros. Discovery has been a trademark for entertainment and mass media content.
  • The IPs that WBs possess are extremely extensive, to say the least.
  • It seems that there may be a serious interest for WB to expand into the competitive mobile gaming space.

The year 2022 was perhaps best categorized by the boom in portable gaming. Offerings from the likes of Nintendo, with their Switch, and the Steam Deck saw hand-held portable consoles capture staggering sales figures. Examples of the Switch and the Steam Deck, both of which were covered by us at TopTierList, have set the stage for the rise of mobile gaming.

New Depths For Warner Bros

The mobile gaming industry has picked up steam in recent times. Noticeable inductions to the market include the likes of Activision releasing its Warzone series for mobile users to enjoy. It is clear that there is untapped potential surrounding the mobile gaming market, hence the push by developers to carry forward their content onto the platform. 

WBs Job Listing example
WBs Job Listing

It seems that Warner Bros are looking to extract some of that untapped potential in the market. A recent job listing on their LinkedIn account suggests that recruitment is underway for the ultimate formulation of a team designated to work on mobile-based projects.

WBs Job Listing
Listing Details

The LinkedIn posting doesn’t reveal much regarding what the project may be and what genre it may fit in. All it portrays is the technical jargon expected from a mainstream organization; depiction of ethical and moral principles, aligning them to a code of conduct.

Delving Deeper Into The Prospect

Luckily, we at TopTierList managed to dig a bit further into the matter. It appears that a subsequent posting by Warner Bros can give us some clues as to what we may come to expect from the project.

WBs Job Listing
Additional Job Listing

An alternative post not too long ago was put up, regarding the need for a technical director. Now while the title of producer may seem enticing, the role of technical director seems to be more concentrated on the mobile department. Hence, we are able to deduce some more information from this.

WBs Job Listing
Job Description

Dissecting the listing, we come across a rather major hint. The mention of superheroes that are linked to their own IPs indicates that WBs mobile department may be working on a project targeting the superhero realm of things. Furthermore, the preferred experience is quite high.

Another point we can draw upon is the mention in the first listing regarding the know-how of IPs within the WB umbrella. It gives us a clue that perhaps the mention of superheroes and the preference for prior knowledge of the studio is a cardinal aspect of what lies ahead in terms of development.

A Similar Occurrence Recently 

The news comes shortly after a very similar scenario posed by Sony. We at TopTierList managed to catch a job listing by Sony on their LinkedIn, recruiting members who will ultimately make up a separate mobile division under the Playstation banner. It seems that the push to secure mobile dominance is in correlation to the recent boom in cloud-based and portable gaming.

With innovation currently at a stagnated rate, and with VR gaming not as mainstream as it seems, the prospect of achieving dominance in markets relating to the mobile and cloud gaming space seems to be logical. The scope of development in this sector however remains a mystery.

Concluding Remarks

What are your thoughts on the expansion into the mobile gaming space by the studio? Do you think an entertainment and movie-centric studio can pull off a project like this successfully? Let us know down below. 

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