Warzone Mobile Could Officially Be Playable On PC

A string of leaks and information has followed the pending release of Call of Duty: Warzone mobile, the latest arsenal to the Warzone lineup, a title with Activison hopes extends its market share in the mobile gaming space.

Speculations do not seem to be coming to a halt anytime soon. A recent rumor, brought to you by TopTierList, thanks to esteemed Twitter leaker @just4leaks seems to disclose further information regarding the upcoming title.

Salient Features

  • Call of Duty aims to expand into the mobile market via Warzone mobile.
  • A string of leaks and speculations have surrounded the anticipated title.
  • It appears the game may have the option of running on a PC.

According to the tweet, it looks like the game will have the capability to be utilized on PC. With information being scarce, we can only assume the extent to which this may be implemented. 


The feature could be a stand-alone implementation or it could possibly be outsourcing a third-party emulator, something along the lines of the game loop emulator perhaps. In any case, the possibility of the project is ambitious as it aims to carry forward the portable gaming message.

The case of emulators has generally been a contentious one, with the most recent and popular iteration being of PUBG mobile which was made playable on PC. Despite shortcomings, it proved that the concept had potential once polished out.

Luckily, thanks to an eagle-eyed commenter, we have further information on what could be the case regarding this. The tweet depicts the game loop UI, showcasing what appears to be a Call of Duty title by the name of Project Aurora. It confirms the use of game loop and that Warzone mobile will essentially be Project Aurora when being played on a PC via the emulator.

The game’s development has shown little signs of slowing down. The wave of interest in recent times in the mobile industry hence Activision’s push to differentiate itself through Warzone.

Warner Bros recruiting a specific team to branch into the market as well as Sony going along those lines provides signals that perhaps the mobile market will experience a sizeable boom.

What are your thoughts regarding the feature? Do you see yourself using a PC to play Warzone Mobile? Will it really be a polished enough experience to draw in players? Let us know down below.

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