GTA Trilogy May Make It’s Way Onto Mobile By Early 2023

The GTA Trilogy is the most recent induction in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Released end of last year, the game revamped GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas for a more immersive experience.

The GTA Trilogy, having been ported originally from mobile to console platforms before being removed from mobile, may finally be making its way onto the mobile platform yet again in the form of the definitive edition, a step that has taken almost a year to execute.

     Salient Features

  • GTA Trilogy was launched in a bid to revamp classical titles with a contemporary twist.
  • The reviews for the trilogy’s definitive edition were mixed, to say the least.
  • It appears that the game may finally be officially ported over to mobile.

A notable leaker on Twitter by the name of just4leaks has tweeted a message, brought to you by TopTierList, indicating the imminent release of the title on the platform.

A game that has been rumored to be in the pipeline for some time now, and thought to be released by the end of this year, is now reportedly on its way by the end of 2023 Q1. The optimization for the game will be interesting to see.

Details are scarce but the leaker in question does have a reputable history.

Having correctly predicted the launch state of Warzone on mobile, amongst other title leaks, his recent leak also surrounded the new Al Mazrah map, the flagship map of Warzone 2.

The mobile gaming market is picking up steam at a staggering rate! Gone are the days when mobile gamers were considered insignificant thanks to the recent push in integrating all platforms for an overall better gaming experience.

We at TopTierList have been documenting these leaps to a large extent. Scouring through LinkedIn, we found that Sony is hiring in an attempt to create a mobile division under the PlayStation umbrella. PS games ported to mobile? Who knows! But exciting prospects lie ahead.

This is not the first of the monumental job listings in recent days. Warner Bros have proceeded to start recruiting in a bid to capture the potential in the mobile gaming space, an occurrence that we talked about in our article!

It would also be criminal to not discount the impact that the introduction of Warzone on mobile has had on the platform, rumored to be first launching in a soft state. The inclusion of such developers and games has led many to follow suit in investing in the prospect of building the gaming space further in the mobile industry.

What are your thoughts regarding the recent shift to the mobile space? Do you think it’ll pay dividends moving forward? Let us know down below!

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