Halo Infinite Forge new Object Scaling Feature

Halo franchise fans have been through a roller coaster ride since Halo Infinite came out. Most of which is due to the recent events at 343 Industries. However, 343 Studios has started working on improving the game and is listening to player feedback.

Everyone knows that any Halo game must have a dedicated Halo Forge mode, and we previously posted Halo Infinite Forge’s leaked gameplay. If that wasn’t enough for you, we have another Halo Infinite forge leaked gameplay that reveals object scaling, enabling you to increase or decrease the size of an object.

Once again, we will enjoy this new feature with near-endless customization at our fingertips; we have long been able to create our own custom Halo experiences using the editing tools made available to us by developer 343 Industries in-game.

This may not be one of the favorite features for some players, but this will surely bring some fun moments and wild custom games. Halo Infinite is witnessing its biggest downfall, and this might be what it needs to get on track.

Since season 2 is ending, the expectations remain very high for season 3. Recently, we posted the news on the latest prototypes they are working on, including the Armament BlasterBrute SpikerBandit Rifle, and Machine Guns.

Not much is known about the Halo Infinite Forge mode, with 343 remaining tight-lipped on the features it’ll include. 343 has already greatly expanded the Forge capabilities of the games boasting the mode in the Halo Master Chief Collection since its launch, so some of those features may well carry over into the new-gen experience.

Halo Infinite has lots of potentials. With 343 Industries finally listening to fans and bringing all these fantastic features back into the game, we can expect some good things from the game once season 3 goes live.

That’s it from us for today. Do let us know your thoughts on gameplay in the comment section below! And we will keep you updated.