Halo 4 and 5 UI Concept Designs Leaked

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Halo Infinite is one of the Halo franchise’s most popular yet controversial projects. Although it is considered a game more on the wrong side, it is still ranked 19th on the US Xbox Most Played List. It was supposed to be an upgrade over Halo 5, but still, it received criticism. Most of which is due to the recent events at 343 Industries.

Things were not the same for Halo 5, which is said to be the downfall of the Halo franchise. Recently, we got our hands on Halo Infinite UI concept designs that never made it to the game’s final version. If that wasn’t enough for you, we have got our hands on Halo 5 feature that never made it in the game and Halo 4 3D UI concept for the game.

Halo 5  Smart-Link targeting system animation was considered for the game. But it was significantly scaled back, and the details that made it to Halo 5 were the red x kill confirmation and the animated hit ticks—created by Jeff Christy. Some might say this is a bit louder than what we got.

We also came close to getting this hub navigation 3D UI concept for Halo 4, but 343 industries ended up with the 2D UI in halo 4. sadly, we never got this, and it may never be part of this game. Yet, the idea exists there, so we can hope for similar features from coming projects.

The pre-production 3D user interface concept design was overlooked, and the more straightforward 2D iteration was selected without any specified reason. Maybe, it was easier to implement the more straightforward UI over the advanced one at that time due to technical difficulty, but it would have been so cool to see them within the game.

Since 343 Studios has started working on improving the game and is listening to player feedback. Halo Infinite is hoping to see its moment of glow with some other changes. Recently, we posted the news on the latest prototypes they are working on, including the Armament BlasterBrute SpikerBandit Rifle, and Machine Guns.

Some other features will make it into the game, including the Tether Distance and the Object Scaling, and the community is brimming with excitement every passing day.

Do let us know your thoughts on these concept designs in the comment section below! And we will keep you updated.

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