Halo Infinite’s Unreleased Time Gap Trailer Leaked

Halo Infinite has become a highly criticized game in the Halo franchise. It was developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios. However, it wasn’t always the infamous game it is considered now.

In the past, it was considered one of the best, having a lot of potentials, but as people found different bugs, it lost the fame and had trouble peaking high average players. It has gone to the point that the game is now #19 on the US Xbox Most Played List.

However, there have been many things we haven’t experienced or almost experienced, but due to them not making it into the final version, we couldn’t enjoy them. One such thing is the Halo Infinite Unreleased Cinematic Trailer.

We bet you did not know about this; it was initially planned to be the trailer that bridged the gap between Halo 5 and Halo Infinite, hence why it is called “Time Gap”. It was made over six years ago, and it may look strange because some significant story points were still not concrete at that time.

The goal for this was to set every gamer’s vision on one thing so there is no confusion between the events of both games. Moreover, some people also considered Halo 5 to have a bad story; therefore, this trailer also served the purpose of leading the players into the future, where the story of Halo 5 would hardly be talked about.

The trailer was unable to serve its purpose, as it was never released to the public. We got this trailer from the original creators, and they said that the main goal was to set the story for what is to come. Nonetheless, it now holds no value as things are way different.

The connected stories may seem unclear as the time gap between the two plots is a lot. But if we had a chance to experience this beforehand, how do you think it would have affected the gameplay?

It should also be noted that Halo Infinite has taken a step towards improvement, and they are now adding many new things that we love, including weapons; Armament BlasterBrute SpikerBandit Rifle, and Machine Guns, and a lot of features; including Tether Distance and the Object Scaling, which we are very excited about.

If you are unfamiliar with the game plot, The story follows the super-soldier “Master Chief” fighting the enemy group “Banished” in the ringworld Zeta Halo. It’s the 6th installment in the series and the 3rd in “Reclaimer Saga”.

That’s all from us; if you have any questions regarding the game, do let us know, as we have talked extensively in our previous news articles, which you can check below. 

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